When you rest in the happiness of your true nature the gift is obvious.

You are less triggered by life’s ups and downs and navigate more and more by clear intuitive knowing.

But this gift comes with a responsibility – to live your truth with integrity.

And this is where things can get messy.

The more you understand that ‘all is well’, the more sensitive you become to the pain that occurs when others are caught in false or unexamined beliefs about what’s playing out in their experience.

It’s difficult to see beloveds struggle with anxiety, or witness them act out of fear which obscures clear decision making.

And if their suffering triggers you to want to help, what unfolds can get in a tangle. Because there’s a fine line between making a stand for Love and Truth and wanting to be right.

Making a stand by sharing the deepest truth that ‘all is well’ is an expression rooted in Love.

Wanting to be right, on the other hand, can come from wanting to ease your own suffering disguised by wanting to help your friend with theirs.

The tell tale signs that you’ve crossed the line are…

  • Giving advice.
  • Trying to impress your friend with how your life has improved with what you now know.
  • Feeling resentful and frustrated when your friend ignores or discounts your insights.

Without a re-set you’re headed towards an argument or stand off. Where each of you stakes your claim that “I’m right and you’re wrong”.

So, what’s the re-set?

First, remind yourself that what’s true is always right, but not in the sense of ‘right’ being opposite to ‘wrong’.

In other words, standing for what you know to be true is not the same as trying to prove something.

What is true is sourced from beyond beliefs, ideas and concepts. It sparkles in your direct conscious experience as insight, clarity and discernment.

Examine your impulse to share.

– Are you quietly judging your beloved for suffering, wanting them to change?

– Trying to convince or co-coerce them to believe what you’ve come to understand?

– Expecting them to ‘wake up’ on your timeline, in the way you did?

Turn deeper within.

Rest in knowing that ‘all is well’, even if only a nano particle of ‘all is well’ is available.

Allow your Self to re-stabilize in being Love.

Let your relationship with your beloved continue. Allow the light of consciousness reveal the path for how, and in what way, to share what you know to be true.

Then share from rooted Love, as best you can. What you share will not stand in opposition to your friend. It may stir up reaction and push back, at least initially, but stay true.

Standing for Love and Truth is a radical act. It’s what breaks the barrier between one paradigm and the next.

To allow you, your beloveds and all of humanity to blossom into endless beauty and wholeness.


A Place and Space for Conscious Awakening
Do you long to be whole, present, conscious and awake?

Once a month I meet, online, with a group of beloved’s to explore what it truly means to be happy, whole and at peace in daily life.

I sometimes think of the Circle as a space where the air we breathe is pure and clean. Where it’s possible to breathe deeply without being contaminated by false or unexamined beliefs.

In this safe environment conditioned, limiting thinking falls away to reveal the pure light of being conscious, present and awake.

You don’t need to join us live to participate. All meetings are recorded and you can send in your questions by email. Plus you’ll receive a monthly Q&A video on the themes of awakening, healing and unlocking your true potential.

If you’re curious to join us, you are most welcome – your first month is a free trial and includes access to a library of past recordings.

Find out more on the Awakening Circle page, or if you have a question hit reply and pop me a note.

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