It makes sense when you….

… begin to hold steady in situations that used to have you fly off the handle.

…stand firm, open and loving when criticized or judged as wrong.

…feel inside every corner of your being that Life has your back no matter what tragedy, sickness or heartache occurs.

It makes sense that you’d want to share your discovery with your children and loved ones… that they, too, can live free of fear, doubt and pain.

So when I’m asked; “What’s the best thing to tell my children to help them get in touch with their true Self?”

It prompts surprise when I reply: “Say nothing”.

After a brief bottomless pause I’ll say, “Let’s explore the impulse to share…….”

Your heart (essence) is designed to share its’ nature: love, peace, healing, compassion and wisdom.

When you’re rooted in knowing who you really are this translates into being clear, steady Presence that emanates of the essence of your Being.

So, when it comes to the impulse to help your children, remember that first and foremost the ‘how’ to be your true Self is transmitted via the pure vibration of your Being.

Think of this like the way a tree communicates.

A tree has an extensive root system that not only extracts water and nutrients from the ground, but also serves as a delicate, sophisticated messaging system to talk to all trees in the forest.

A tree also creates invisible plumes of breathable air, and perfumes to attract insects to protect and safeguard itself and surrounding trees.

So, the next time you feel the impulse to share, be like a rooted tree -simply be yourSelf.

Let the subtle, powerful aura of your being teach and guide in loving, open silence.

Your rooted, silent vibration reminds your child of what and who they really are too.

If, words and actions follow, let them flow from knowing you are love. And if you’re having a wobbly day and feel up-rooted, pause to ask your heart, “What would Love do or say?” And simply say and do your best.

In this way, in your presence, your child will remember, again and again, who they are. And you and they will grow as One.


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