The promise is not that everything in life will go well.

It’s greater than that.

The promise is that when things go badly; chaos erupts, conflict ignites, cruelty stuns, tragedy strikes, grief overwhelms.

Grace dwells in the midst.

Silently inviting you to turn inward.

To find the hidden spaces where you are at war with yourself.

Where you judge, shame, shut down, barricade, and armor yourself.

Numb out, act out, and endlessly try to fix yourself.

Here, in the kernel of the inner war, is something remarkable:

A brave and courageous willingness, baked into your being, that opens to the pain of fighting with yourself.

And the instant openness opens, war stops and healing happens.

Like a tight bud opening – you remember who and what you really are: vibrant, whole, wellbeing, love.

And when you know the truth of you, you stop seeing yourself and others as an enemy and accept we are each other.

You see hidden hurts and unresolved pain wherever it exists. And compassion flows.

You see how ancient stories trap and stifle new life. And love pours out.

So, don’t hold back.

You are the promise.


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