“I can’t seem to find my life purpose, what’s wrong with me?” asked a client recently. It’s a common question amongst spiritual seekers. It’s also unnecessary. Because, your true purpose is not something you have a choice about.

Consider an oak tree. Does an oak tree wonder what it’s purpose is? Do you imagine it sits within its acorn debating whether to grow into an oak or a sycamore? Given some fertile ground, sunlight and water, the acorn will express itself as an oak tree. Guaranteed.

And so it is with you. Given the right environment… nourishment, love, light (consciousness) your highest purpose reveals itself.

One day, when I was a teenager, I arrived home from my Saturday job to discover that a magnificent 400 year old oak tree, in a neighbors backyard, had been torn down. I burst into a hot rage. I was on the verge of banging on the neighbors door demanding to know why the tree had been destroyed. It felt like a murder had taken place.

Although I wasn’t fully aware in that moment, my purpose was revealing itself. My passion for honoring and upholding the inherent sacredness in life was expressing.

Your purpose is not something that can be figured out, or conjured up in a weekend workshop. Sometimes it’s obvious, like a gifted musician who knows she is destined to perform. Yet, mostly, what’s already intended within you, matures, over many life experiences (even, over many lifetimes)… each one opening to a deeper layer of wisdom and love at your core.

Whether you’re a full time parent, CEO, baker or candlestick maker… the outward form of your life is not the real measure of what’s encoded within you. What counts is the degree to which you are the fullest expression of what is at your core… which is pure love.

Your ‘job’, so to speak, is to cultivate the conditions which anchor you in your own skin, fully and completely. Then, just like the oak tree, it is inevitable that you will branch out and express the beauty and magnificence that is uniquely yours.

Care to share how your purpose is revealing?

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