This is a story about sensitivity. But first, do you remember the story of the Emperor’s new clothes?

It was about a guy who loved couture and was conned by two weavers into buying a set of ‘special’ clothes that only those with a discerning eye could see. 

What he didn’t know was that the ‘special’ clothes were a scam. 

On the day of the big reveal he paraded in front of his subjects not in dazzling gowns but stark naked.

We all fall for a similar scam. 

We enter into this world bare naked babies. With no thought that we are a ‘someone’ who is special, superior, deserving or not.  

And then we’re courted by well meaning parents, teachers and experts to believe this or that, and do this or that – to ensure that we’re loved and secure.

Our beliefs are woven differently according to culture, education or religion. And just like the Emperor’s clothes our beliefs are invisible to us. Yet we live by them as though they are real and true. Until we begin to wake up.

And this where our story diverges from the plight of the Emperor.

Because when we wake up we begin to question beliefs. 

We, the light of Consciousness, begin to SEE: 

  • beliefs are made of nothing but unexamined ideas.
  • beliefs numb us from feeling the naked, defenseless, open awareness we were born as.
  • when we clothe ourselves in beliefs our life becomes insecure and precarious.

The beautiful thing about awakening is we become transparent to ourself. We begin to see through beliefs that veil the pure light of Consciousness we really are. 

And although the unveiling of our true self often has challenges, because we let go what feels familiar, we remove the barriers to Love and become real, authentic and true.

Others may mock or reject us for this bold transformation. But the beauty of our true nature is it’s own undeniable reward.

As monk Sogyal Rinpoche said:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

When our true nature is unveiled we reclaim the sensitive and empathic nature of our true self.

We feel more keenly. Sense and intuit more deeply.  

Our sensitivity, no longer penned in by the straight jacket of beliefs, matures. We become skillful in knowing how to navigate relationships and life’s twists and turns with accuracy, care and love.

So, if you’ve encountered the belief that your sensitivity is a problem, take heart. Sensitivity is your true nature shining through. Question your beliefs and your sensitivity will sharpen and strengthen.

And if you’ve been accused of being insensitive, take heart. Question your beliefs and your sensitivity will sharpen and strengthen.

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