How is your new year going? Did you make one? A resolution?

I’m not a fan of new year resolutions.

I’m all for eating well, moving the body lovingly and learning new skills. I’m just not a fan of self-improvement based on the belief of ‘I’m not good enough’.

When we judge our self, life or body as inadequate and try to improve ourself from the starting place of ‘not good enough’ it’s like trying to launch a rocket with its’ brakes on.

Change and transformation happens naturally when we understand what we are is perfectly whole and complete just as we are.
This idea is worth repeating because it acts like bait. It trips the mind into broadcasting an endless list of imperfections, failures, awkward messy moments and downright catastrophes, in a compelling attempt to prove we are far from perfect.

Ready and Steady

When this happens we need to hold steady. To not drown in the mind-made world of inadequacy and not-enough-ness.

Then we stand a chance of recognizing what being whole and complete is….. an infinite space and source of creative potential and unconditional love.

When we see through the eyes of wholeness the messy imperfections of our human-ness are met with love and compassion and seen them for what they are; a temporary veiling of the truth of our being.

This shift, from believing we are inadequate to being-whole-and-complete, changes everything.

On the other side of the shift our body and life may appear unchanged and yet, what we now see isn’t defined or limited by beliefs of inadequacy.

Knowing we are whole and complete doesn’t mean we lose motivation to act in our best interests. It means actions spring from love and wisdom, not a misguided belief.

So, instead of punishing yourself with a resolution to be a better you. Drop self-judgment. Open to your imperfect and messy humanity to sense the truth pulsing in the heart of your being.

Open to the beauty of being-imperfectly-human and being-what-you-really-are.

This alchemy spills over as growth, learning and thriving.

Welcome the real you.



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