Do you know the signs?

In my last Heart Notes I explored three signs that Life uses to draw you into the discovery of who you really are.

Today, I’d like to talk about three more fabulous signs.

Fabulous, because when you recognize the signs for what they are, your life changes for the better. Big time.

4. The need for solitude and community.
In times gone by, the quest to find the meaning of life was answered by heading to monasteries and caves.

But in modern times, Life calls us to wake up smack in the middle of the game of life.

So, how do you follow the impulse for solitude and remain involved with your family, friends and workmates?

In essence the desire for solitude is not about being alone. It’s an invitation to turn inward. To peer into the cave of your inner world.

The deeper you look, the more the seams of your inner beauty are revealed.

To be in solitude is to be in touch with all parts of yourself. Whether you’re alone or with others.

Similarly, the pull to be be in community is not only about living with others.

It’s the understanding that you’re never separate. You’re in relationship moment to moment, asleep and awake, alone or with others.

Your last inhale was exhaled by your brother in Africa yesterday.

When you’re intimate with your true self. You’re free to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the throng of life. Because Life’s connections form a safety net that catch and hold you.

Even when you’ve had……

5. A difficult start in life.
A difficult start is almost guaranteed to narrow your horizon.

So, how is a difficult beginning an invitation to find your boundless nature?

Well, I say ‘almost guaranteed’ because the straight jacket of childhood wounds is imperfectly stitched.

I discovered this when I worked in the criminal justice field. Where I interviewed thousands of criminals. Whist the crimes were diverse, their early lives were replica’s.

Emotional neglect, sexual abuse, poverty, cruelty. Experiences like this restrict Spirit, but cannot kill it.

The flow of life, if necessary, will push it’s way through layers of protection and mistrust.

Often, the human life that emerges is distorted. Poisoned with toxic beliefs about how life works.

But what amazes and inspires is how even the most cynical and damaged person turns towards the light when given love and support.

The difficult start in life sign, points to this; wounds contain a teaching. They are a catalyst to set your Spirit free. To find wholeness and peace beyond the circumstances of your life.

Which leads to sign #….

6. Drawn to the sacred.
Regardless of whether you practice spiritual exercises, chant or meditate. The impulse to live fully, express and contribute are inner callings. To connect the dots between your human experience, and the mystical origin of your being.

Worry not about your path. Simply keep your ear and nose trained on your heart.

For, much like the honey bee that smells the scent of the flower in flight. And assesses the flower’s relevance for the pollen it seeks. Your heart is a sensing organ.

Your heart feels, registers and tabulates your steps. It doesn’t discriminate between the solid or shaky ones.

When you listen and faithfully follow. Your heart turns your path into the one that delivers you home.

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