I frequently hear; “What does this mean?”

The question usually follows a statement such as…I’m sick, again. My car broke down. A white feather landed on my path. My washing machine overflowed.

It’s natural, when you regard Life to as an intricate flow of information, to look for meaning in events.

Life talks to us in its flux and flow, both inner and outer.

So in this sense every occurrence holds a clue about who you really are, what you’re here for, and how to get there. (In the last two Heart notes I talk about some of the common signs.)

But the thing is. If you try to interpret every life event as a ‘sign’ you’ll trip yourself up and tumble down the rabbit hole.

Interpretations are always based on the past. So any meaning you give a situation is old and stale. This results in repeating patterns rather than growing with inspiration.

So let’s look at how to simplify the task of navigating.

All you need to know is in the present.

Regardless of your circumstances. Whether you’re riding high or plowing through darkness. The fastest route to clarity about your next step exists in the heart of what you’re experiencing now. In this present moment.

A common practice to cultivate present moment awareness is to: STOP.

To consciously take in what you’re seeing through your eyes. Touching with your body. Smelling and hearing.

This sensing-with-the-body practice is an excellent way to calm your nervous system and anchor yourself.

But the present moment contains more than what you see, hear or touch with your physical senses.

The present moment is a portal that opens into time-less-ness. A doorway that opens into possibilities that exist beyond time and space.

So how can you access fresh information, in day-to-day life, that leads you into greater clarity, purpose and fulfillment?

The practice is to turn your attention inside and to feel your way.

The next time you find yourself trying to figure out what an event means:
• Pay attention to what’s arising and stay open minded.
• Drop attempts to interpret what something means.
• Feel into your body and being.
• Attune to what feels good in your heart and body.
• Follow the feel good feeling for your next step.

This practice fosters common sense and a deeper connection with mystery of Life.

Sometimes a car breaks down because it needs an oil change. Nothing more, nothing less.

And sometimes the feather on the path evokes the lightest touch. That peels away the veil between your conscious and super conscious mind to reveal the light of your  soul.

By feeling what’s arising now you allow wisdom to penetrate the moment. This sharpens and refines your perception so that you’ll know the relevance an event has for you.

And without the doubts and false assumptions that interpretations create, your path becomes obvious.


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