Waking up often feels like teetering on a tight rope.

One minute you’re connected and clear. The next, you’re spinning into confusion, anxiety and distress.

I call this the flip-flop of waking up.

Every realization of your true Self and every revelation of what is real, as opposed to what your mind makes up, triggers the ego to push back. Sometimes the push back is a tidal wave of doubt, anxiety and fear.

The flip-flop between remembering what you are is pure consciousness and forgetting continues until it doesn’t.

Forgetting is Not a Wrong-ness

Falling back into conditioned beliefs of the ego is not a wrong-ness. It’s part of the same movement that allows for waking up to happen.

The more waking up happens, the less the flip into forgetting occurs. And the less forgetting occurs, the more remembering holds steady and firm.

If you’re teetering back and forth, stay with this. Uncomfortable though it often is, it’s happening because you’re breaking free. You’re going beyond the conditioning of the mind and falling into peace, happiness and wellbeing at the heart of your being.

Turning the Tide

In the video below I explore how to rest in the peace and wellbeing of your true nature in the midst of anxiety and doubt.

The recording is a few years old but people continue to tell me that it provides powerful insights.

As always, to get the most from it, don’t try believe what I share. Be open and curious. What is waking up within you will resonate and reveal itself in consciousness.


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