The dictionary definition of authenticity states that for something to be authentic it needs to be a true representation of the original.

Simply put, when you are being authentic you are showing up in life as a real, genuine version of you. Not a fake, or misguided version of you. The question is: what, or who, is the true, original you?

A caterpillar, a cocoon and a butterfly

When I was about 7 years old I discovered a row of cocoons hanging on a garden fence. Curious, I placed a few of them in a glass jar which I sealed with a lid. A few days later I was amazed to see several butterflies fluttering about in the jar. It seemed like magic had happened.

We all go through life growing, changing, learning, developing, but at what point are you being your true self?

In the life of a butterfly the stage that fascinates me the most is when the caterpillar is enclosed in the cocoon and literally turns into liquid. At this point there is nothing left of the caterpillar. There is only a formless liquid essence. And yet, out of this liquid the butterfly begins to form.

Your essence is what is genuine and true

Just like the liquid that once formed the caterpillar and then forms the butterfly, there is an essential essence of you which, when you’re attuned to it, will shape you and your life into the best version.

It’s your willingness to be true to the impulses, insights and quiet promptings of your heart which make you authentic. When you choose to live as your true self, you’re guaranteed to live a life that goes beyond old idea’s about yourself. It’s not always easy to live authentically, but it is the only route to be fully, and truly yourself.

The cocoon

Caterpillars stay attuned to their essence and follow their developmental course. When it’s time to transform, they create a cocoon. The cocoon allows the caterpillar to surrender it’s form, and provides a safe space for transformation to occur.

Knowing the right practices and skills, and having a supportive environment, allows you to let go what is no longer a true expression, and attune to your essence which liberates your full potential. If you long to fly in your full glory, stay tuned to your heart.

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