Have you seen the movie; It’s A Wonderful Life?


If you have you’ll know that it tells the story of George Bailey who spent his life doing good deeds which made a huge difference in his community. But he fell upon hard times. Slumped into despair and was about to kill himself…..

When, out of a turbulent sky, Clarence, a level two angel, swept down to save George from a chilling death.

If the movie had a subtitle it could be (if I may be so bold)….

You have a wonderful life – it just might be hidden
One of the things I love about the movie is the way it shows how an ordinary human being can change the world by simply doing what makes sense.

George Bailey didn’t set out to be a saint. He didn’t have grand aspirations to champion under-dogs or create opportunities that radically changed the lives of others for the better. But that’s what he did.

By simply following his heart.

So why was it that George tumbled into an abyss? What prevents human beings from seeing their gifts and having a wonderful life?

Thinking (gets in the way)
When George’s business failed he got caught up in his own thinking that he was worthless. This sent him spiraling into bleak despair.

Instantly, the clarity and solution-seeing insights that he delivered to others was inaccessible to him. He flat out couldn’t see a way to solve his own predicament.

Perhaps you’re like George; a natural helper. A way shower. You see solutions and potential that others don’t. You might also find it easier to see the way forward for others than you do for yourself.

So what’s the solution?

How can you express your talents, improve the lives of others and enjoy yourself in the process?

Seeing your own value
Angel Clarence saved George by giving him a shock. He showed George all the things he’d done, little and big, that had served and saved the lives of other people.

Seeing his life flash before his eyes George had a humongous light bulb moment. His insight catapulted him out of the tangle of his depressing thoughts into a clear view of his own glorious value.

Brought to life by seeing himself for the first time he ran through the streets erupting with joy, wonder and gratitude. Not boasting about what he’d done, but for the opportunity he’d had to turn his every-day inspired thoughts into actions which touched and transformed the lives of others.

Now you might not have a guardian angel that reaches down to shine a light on your life. But all is not lost.

Every single time you recognize that you’re caught up in low level thinking, such as; “I’m not worthy, capable, got what it takes, lovable or likeable”. And you quietly step away from believing the thought. Insight breaks through, like light streaming through a crack in the door. And your inner eyes see the magnificence of your own wings as they spread a little wider and reach a little further.

On that note, here’s a post-movie take away….

Discover your wonderful life 
Do you feel you there’s more to life? You’ve not yet found your ‘place’ or made your mark? Have inspired ideas but don’t know how to bring them to life?

Let’s talk.

Every month I offer a couple of free Discovery Conversations. To shine a light on what’s calling to you, and the steps that take you towards a wonderful life.

You’ll come away with:

  • Clarity about how you’re (unintentionally) getting in the way of your gifts and wellbeing.
  • New insights to move forward in confidence.
  • Resources to uplift and inspire you.

These conversations are available on a first come first served basis. So don’t hold back. Click here to request a conversation.

To your wonderful life,


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