Draw your family tree. A simple enough homework assignment for a seven year old. But what happened next was life changing.

When I asked where my birthplace was I discovered I was born in a different country than my siblings and parents. It turned out that my family had moved from the UK to the US, where I was conceived and born, and later returned to the UK. Neither my mother nor father had thought to tell me this.

I was shocked, but not surprised.

From an early age I’d had an incomprehensible sense that I didn’t belong in my family. I had no idea what to make of this feeling so I ignored it.  But it nagged at me. I felt I was living a question that needed an answer.
As I absorbed this piece of new information the mysterious feeling that I didn’t belong began to resolve.

It wasn’t simply that I’d learned a significant fact about my life.  It was more that I felt this information register at a visceral level all the way into my cells.  I felt I was arriving home.

The body knows.
The cells in our body are incredible.  They record, retain and store information for decades.

Cellular memory isn’t an intellectual form of memory. It doesn’t require our frontal cortex. It’s when information about our experiences are stored as subtle imprints in consciousness.

Amazingly, our cellular memory records information about our life as far back as in the womb.

An early insight.

mia-bio-200x300If the mechanism of cellular memory is new to you, or you’d like to learn more, listen to my recent conversation with Dr. Mia Kalef.

As a teenager, Dr. Kalef suffered a back injury that didn’t respond to treatment.

In her quest to find relief from pain she had an insight that physical pain not only stems from physical trauma or injury, but is also caused by stored emotional pain.

This insight drew her into the study and practice of Chiropractic medicine, and how to dialogue with consciousness in the body to resolve trauma and upset stored from events as early as in the womb.

Like all healers who attain mastery, Dr. Kalef embodies her understanding of how healing works and transmits her knowledge in her energetic presence.

As I listened to her talk about how adults can connect with and resolve memories and challenges imprinted in the womb I felt a subtle healing resonance move through me.

Listen to our conversation here.

The return to love.
To listen to your body is to practice love.

My own body remembered my conception and first months of life in the energy and vibration of the US.  And although educated and socialized in the UK, I feel at just as at home, in a fundamental way, in the US.

With skilled guidance not only is it possible to connect with, and heal, early imprints from pre-birth experiences that keep you in limiting life patterns.  Cellular healing also reconnects you with the pure essence of your being.  Your capacity to hear the impulse of your soul expands, and so does your experience of joy.

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