I’m tired. Jet lagged, to be precise. But I had an exceptional visit with my mother.

Not that we did much. At least, from the outside, it didn’t look like we did much.

She rested, a lot. Her body needed to regain energy and confidence after a bout of shingles.

I shopped for, and cooked, fresh vegetables and hearty proteins. We ate quietly together. I cleared the upstairs storage cupboard of out of reach christmas decorations, unopened birthday gifts, coats now three times too big. Made several of trips to the charity store. Simple, necessary, caring things.

But what I did do a lot of was hold space.

What does it mean to hold space?

When you hold space for another human being it’s like gently wrapping an invisible, soft blanket of unconditional love around them.

Magical, and extra-ordinary healing happens when unconditional love is freely given.

Heather Plett wrote a fantastic blog post about holding space and eight concrete steps to hold space for another.

You can read Heather’s post here.

As I held space for my mother I had no idea what would unfold. But as the days slowly passed, a depth of love, compassion and forgiveness developed that almost took my breath away.

As you’ll discover in Heather’s post, holding space is an art, science and skill. It takes practice and dedication. But it all starts with the simple willingness to set aside your ego and tune in to your heart.

Click here to read Heather’s post.



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