If you could tell a caterpillar munching on a leaf that it would become a high flying butterfly capable of traveling thousands of miles. The caterpillar, if it could talk, would likely respond with skepticism and disbelief.

Human beings are much the same. We doubt our magnificence, pull back from stepping into the unknown, hesitate at making a decision.

The issue is not a lack of potential, it’s identity

All caterpillars evolve into butterflies. Period. The mechanism for this remarkable transformation is wired into the substance of their existence.

So it is with us. We have incredible potential to transform ourselves. To heal from physical illness, emotional trauma, psychological stress, to live fully with infinite creativity and love. And, just like the caterpillar, the intelligence for our transformation is wired into the substance of our being.

What gets in the way of living our potential is clinging to an outdated identity.

Who we think we are

Our identity is formed out of an accumulation of beliefs we innocently take on as we grow up. Our family, education and culture convey messages about how to live, what to believe, what’s acceptable and what’s not. And innocently, in response to challenging events, as children we form distorted ideas about ourselves, bodies, lovability and likability.

When we allow beliefs, perceptions and ideas about our self go unquestioned we become unconscious to the impulse beating within us attempting to grow our wings.

The shortest route to become who you really is to die

I don’t mean to literally die. I’m talking about dissolving the tendency to cling to what’s familiar.

When we place what we believe under the microscope of consciousness. We see through assumptions and conclusions and open to realizing the unlimited potential we really are.

The chrysalis

The caterpillar spins a chrysalis around itself on its’ way to freedom. This outer shell holds the transformation as the caterpillar cells deconstruct and reform into the body, eyes and wings of the butterfly.

Just like the caterpillar, for our true self to unfold, we need a container. This container grows as we understand that who we really are is not composed of thoughts and ideas but is the source and substance of Life itself.

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