An interview with business coach, George Kao

I recently had a conversation with business coach, George Kao. I respect George for his teachings on to how to generate a livelihood inside the business world without making profit the overt or covert driver.

George wanted to hear my views on building a business doing spiritual and healing work. He also asked “What do you do in your work with clients?” It’s a question I used to have only a fuzzy answer for, but these days I’m kinda’ impressed with the clarity that has emerged. I guess that’s the reward for sticking with the work for a long time.

Here’s a breakdown of the juicy parts:

1.18 mins. How I make a boo-boo in my first interview question. Perhaps the “thirty decades” I mentioned refers to my past lives ;-)

1.54 mins. Why I didn’t set out to create a business.

3.51 mins. The dark side of the business world.

7.11 How can being in service and being in business be possible and sustainable?

10.15 mins. When fear almost stopped me in my tracks.

14.49 What do I actually do with clients?

Beyond Broken Webinar Replay

The most popular webinar in the past year, and perhaps the most disruptive (meaning: going against common beliefs), about how the body and mind heals.

This one is over an hour so it’s worth settling down for an indulgent viewing.

As with all my webinars you’ll get the most out of it by not trying to believe anything I say and definitely not taking notes. Better to keep your mind free of thinking and fingers free to snack with.

The Saving Grace Of Being A Rebel

Reflections on the wisdom of being rebellious. A must read for parents, teachers and anyone who has tried to keep the rebel in them down and failed.

Emotions – how to enjoy ALL of them

The notion that ALL emotions are a gift continues to surprise and appeal so it’s still news worth standing on the corner to shout about. This post is my latest reflection on the transformative power of emotions.

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