The end of a year is usually a busy time; there are parties to go to, trips to take, family visits to make. I tend to enjoy keeping life really simple at this time of year so that I can tune in to my inner light of consciousness. And I’ve noticed that in the midst of all these celebrations, the increase in light that streams through humanity at this time, tends to reveal what was previously hidden. Family times can become stressful, an emotional or physical crisis can occur.

When challenges like this happen it’s vital to remember that everything, everything, everything is somehow supporting healing and awakening, even when it appears otherwise.

When difficulties occur, your connection with the force of love at your core allows you to overflow this love to others without draining yourself, or ending up feeling deprived. And the key to overflowing with love depends on you feeling loved for who you are. Exactly the way you are.

When you feel loved, all the way down to your bones, you plug yourself into an endless stream of love and caring, and the love that you are not only heals you, but overflows naturally and effortlessly, healing and transforming others. Overflowing with love allows you to give to others without burning out of becoming closed to receiving love back.

In this guided meditation, Being Loved  you’ll discover how to deepen into feeling loved because you exist. Feeling loved is never about deserving or earning love. You are already love at your core. Your only job, so to speak, is to open to the intelligence of love that you already are. I hope you enjoy it!

Wanting to make 2014 a different, better year?

I’m not one for buying into cliché’s but something potentially powerful happens when we step into a new year. It’s a great time to let go of limiting painful patterns, take a fresh look at why you keep getting sick, or actually say “yes” to that idea you have for your work.

If you’d like to get ahead of the curve and get some critical support for your healing and conscious expansion, contact me and we’ll have a chat before you find yet another year is a repeat of the past.

Wishing you many blessings and love,


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