To be honest I wrote my first Heart Notes because a mentor insisted that I needed to share my insights. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have taken the plunge without being pushed.

For at least a year when I sat down to write my brain swamped with “I’ve got nothing to say” thoughts. I was haunted by visions of being judged or rejected and on more than one occasion almost threw in the towel.

But, something unexpected happened.

As I continued to write, especially what seemed a bit edgy, like suggesting that personal development tools feed the lie that we’re broken. Or what my fear thoughts said was too spiritual like using the G(od) word. My resistance would rise up with a vengeance. But after the publish button was struck and a few had days passed, I came up for air to discover that my resistance had caved and given way to feeling enlivened.

In the process of sticking with it I’ve learned that the more you, me and all of us share what we know in our heart two things happen. One, we become immune to fear, including fear of what other people think about us. And two, we feel our connection to our true self, an infinite creative potential, and are set free to express ourselves in whatever way sings to us.

Not that I’m untouched by criticism. Criticism and rejection still hurt but they have a much shorter shelf life. This too has been a valuable learning which as far as I can tell applies to all of us.

When we express what’s true we come from the consciousness of pure love. Our ego identity cannot stand up in the resonance of love. It dissolves a little each time and we express our true self. Consequently we take pushback less personally because only the ‘me’ identity takes offense. Our true self always shows up as love and understanding.

So today I’d like offer a handy dandy summary of Who You Really Are. One that will fit snuggly in your back pocket if needed.


Is waaaaay more than a fuzzy warm romantic feeling.

Is not something we have or don’t have.

Is not something we can run short of or block.

Love is energy, divine energy, consciousness, pure awareness.

Love is what we’re made of. What the universe is made of.

Love is the ground of our being and inspires our vision.

Is infinite. Abundant. Can fashion itself into any and every form.

Love expressed without conditions flows in us and through as peace, joy, positivity, creativity, healing, presence, happiness.

Love expressed with conditions (filtered through ideas and beliefs) flows as fear, conflict, defensiveness, anxiety, depression, stress, illness.

Love breaths a baby’s first breath. Allows us to forget our separate-identity-self to fall in love with another. Guides us when we fall out of love to keep finding love in each other. Draws soldiers to war willing to give their life for others. Strengthens the conscientious objector serving a prison sentence. Grows a cancer tumor and un-grows it. Guides the surgeon’s hand after eight hours without a break. Builds empires and destroys them. Ushers us in the right direction as we take our last breath.

Love. Has. Our. Back.

Says “yes!” to whatever we dream. And when we grow weary rises again and again like wild flowers resurge after the heat of volcanic ash has long laid the mountain bare.

Allows us to be in pain and not suffer.

Flows the answer to all the questions.

Is at the heart of conflict, hate, rejection, judgment, abuse, neglect. What one of my mentors called moments of “Love under pressure”.

Evolves us. Moves us into the future. Not tomorrow. The future – a more complete understanding that we are Love. One Love. One Being of Love.

Reminds us of our common humanity – our innocent tendency to forget our true nature.

Sees as a baby sees. Does not distinguish, prefer or divide the flow of life into male or female, black or white, mother or father, Hindu or Sikh, Muslim or Christian.

Includes all of us in the same embrace.

Could you soak for a moment? Fall in love with who you really are? Be Love and Beloved. Both?

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