The other day I hiked one my local trails and was rewarded with a glimpse of 3 volcanic peaks in the Cascade Mountains. I always feel a combination of a chill and a thrill to see them. At least one is considered still active, so there’s a possibility it might erupt.

My question is, if you were facing an erupting volcano, what would you do? Would you run away, or run towards it?

I’m sure most would say “I’d run away from it! dummy!” (if they didn’t say dummy, they’d probably think it). But, is this what happens when we face something fearful? Let’s take a closer look.

Worshipping a volcano god

Even with the best advancements in science there’s no way of accurately predicting when a volcano will erupt, let alone control the blast when it happens.

It’s no wonder that early human’s considered the force of a volcano to be a super natural power. Many cultures worshipped volcanoes by making sacrifices and offerings at the foot of volcanoes, to appease and pacify what was regarded as a life threatening force.

When something is painful

Life, just like a volcano, can be unpredictable. Sometimes events or situations escalate to the point where they are physically or emotionally painful. When this happens your nervous system sends messages to your brain to be on alert. It’s a reflex designed to protect you from danger. The thing is though, this switch in your nervous system, like any switch, can become faulty.

Running in the right direction

Several years ago I had an enquiry from a potential client who believed she had cancer. I asked her what made her think this and she explained that she’d had some routine blood work which showed markers usually associated with tumors.

When I enquired what her physician had advised, she replied that she didn’t know. She’d refused further tests because she was afraid of hospitals. Instead, she’d seen a series of alternative medical practitioners and healers to avoid going back to her doctor.

My heart went out to her. Whilst she thought she was doing the right thing by pursuing a cure, she’d unwittingly been running towards the volcano by offering her gifts of time, money and energy to avoid facing her fear. In the process she’d exhausted herself and had ended up close to breakdown.

Fortunately she was willing to start over by learning how to trust herself and her body rather than react out of her fear.

Making a course correction

We all act with the best of intentions, but sometimes we need to stop, at least for long enough to go inside and question what’s really driving us.

This is especially true when you know deep down that you’re here to wake up and live out of your higher consciousness. In this journey your nervous system undergoes a vital reconditioning, transforming the way it interprets information. What used to be a source of fear in your life dissolves, allowing you to take fresh steps in the world, reflecting your higher understanding about who you really are.

Healing is always fueled by love

On a clear summer day my favorite volcanoes glisten in sun, rays of light touching their snowcapped peaks. Their lofty heights are a symbol of their latent power.

You too have a power which is just as impressive; the power of Love contained within you. This love is a force imbued with remarkable healing properties. Practice stopping, for a second, a minute, at least once or more a day. Check to see if fear is running you. This simple recognition is enough to help you re-center, re-connect and make a course correction that could be a life saver.

Where do you think? I’d love to read your comments in the comments below.

There’s help to make a course correction

If you’re in physical or emotional pain, or feel that fear is running you. Let’s have a chat. There’s no real mileage to gain in struggling on by yourself, or trying to make solutions work that are only making things worse. Contact me and we’ll set up a time to meet on the phone, or Skype.

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