Begin, begin + new for 2015

Life. How best to live it? This is a contemplation I’ve been immersed in for most of my life.

Over time, just as good wine gets better as it ages, certain truths have become clearer and more beautiful.

One of these truths is that life is best experienced as a series of beginnings.

Life is an ongoing invitation to begin again and again.

This is an excellent time of year to begin again. To clear all unnecessary things from your life. Not just in your home, but in your emotions, thoughts and body.

Clearing is a way to detox your system. When you take a conscious mindful approach to clearing a closet, the impact affects not only your physical space, it reaches into your psyche and refreshes you energetically.

Clearing on emotional and mental levels is the practice of allowing yourself to fall or fail, and to recognize that life is extending an invitation to pick yourself up and begin again.

It may be that certain, longed for experiences will never happen, but it’s never too late to begin afresh. There’s a magic that occurs when we consciously choose to begin again. A door opens in consciousness that flows new possibilities our way.

When we begin again we deepen our connection to the Source of life. We make ourselves available to be recreated in ways beyond our imagination and we mature our being as love.

In 2015 my commitment is to continue offering inspiration and opportunities for awakening your heart to live your most fulfilled and purposeful life.

This edition of Heart Notes contains an update on upcoming events, mentoring options and a new program in the spring.

World Heart Meditation

This monthly gathering is a virtual place and space to be with spiritual seekers and practitioners who feel called to embody the wisdom of the heart in their own lives, and help strengthen the subtle web of unconditional love in the collective field. These meetings will continue monthly in 2015 (with a break in August).

Returning in 2015: Embody your Hearts purpose

In a few weeks registration will open for my group mentoring program: Embody your heart’s purpose. Last year’s participants (in the first run of this program) experienced life changing healing, insights, and shifts in consciousness in the direction of greater freedom, love, abundance and expressing their unique gifts in the world.

The registration page is not quite ready but if you’d like to live your highest potential and fulfill what your heart longs for, and you’d like to be a member of a small group dedicated to supporting your deepest desires coming to life pop me an email and we’ll have a chat to see if this program is what you’re looking for.

New interviews for guidance and spiritual deepening

Watch for new interviews with teachers, healers and spiritual practitioners to support your awakening. In 2015 I’ll be expanding my interview series to bring a deeper understanding of awakening in daily life.

In depth private mentoring

I’m continuing to offer private mentoring in 2015. If you know it’s time for you to resolve personal issues and step into your true life expression – consider private mentoring.

There’s no question that mentoring tailored to you is the most effective way to rapidly heal and dissolve inner obstacles such as self doubt, depression, anxiety or illness to unlock your potential to live a spiritually inspired and authentically fulfilled life. Find out more about my private mentoring here.

Thank you for your dedication to healing and awakening. Our world is a better place for your willingness stand in your deepest truth and the power of your inner light.

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