Do you have a dream? Or wonder how dreams come true?

I’ve been pondering these questions lately.

It turns out that dreams do come true, but not by wishful thinking or a five step formula.

They arise in a surprising place.

Speechless at the sight of an azure pink sunset. Sobbing at the break up with a longed for lover.

What do heartache and awe have in common?

They both cause your heart to open.

And when your heart opens your dreams begin to come true.

Let’s take a look at awe. When a monarch butterfly lands on you, your heart is shocked open by the sudden brilliance of the moment. At least that’s what happened to my heart last summer when a delicate, stunning monarch graced my shoulder.

For you, awe might happen when you hear your child sing for the first time. Or when you gasp as you enter a holy place.

Life offers millions of small and large ways to trigger awe.

In a moment of awe the chatter and expectations of your everyday mind are overtaken by a glimpse of magnificence. You see and feel the vast potential life has. Not only to fulfill your wildest imaginations, but to exceed them.

And when your heart breaks open with awe, it fills with inspiration and exhilaration. Which lifts you out yourself, gets you off the sofa, and moves you to do what you know needs to be done.

Because dreams don’t come true by wishing your life to be different. They happen when you take inspired actions.

But what about heartache?

The heart that breaks, breaks open
When you’re in anguish over the breakup with a lover. Dejected when your precious manuscript is dismissed by an agent. Or exhausted when your business, born of passion and conviction, slumps. Your heart is pained.

But your heart is not wounded. Your hurt is not a problem in the making. Your dream is not crushed.

When you turn towards the pain, rather than numb or deny it. In that moment you enter through the door of your heart that has broken open.

And as you stumble into your heart, your heart greets you with love, compassion and healing. Because this is the design of your heart. It will not fail you.

So, lean into your heart.

Say to it “OK, heart. I can’t handle this but you can. I’m going to let go of my dream and let you hold it”.

Your heart knows your dream
Your letting go is the permission needed, for the raw humanity of your pain and hurt to merge with sacredness and create a miracle.

The miracle of anguish melting into compassion. The miracle of peace arising where before there was only tension.

Distress that would have lingered for weeks and months, becomes the fuel to move you forward. But this time with greater clarity and wisdom.

So go ahead. Dream big. If this is your inclination. But make no mistake. The pressure that a big dream exerts on your life will reveal the fault lines in your character and being.

And when you, or your dream, crack under pressure. Remember it’s your heart that is breaking open. Not your dream ending.

The cracks that appear allow your inner light to stream onto your path revealing the very next step you need to take.

Coming soon….

It’s a tad early to announce these, but I want to give you a heads up about a couple of opportunities this spring. In early April I’m opening the doors again to Write Out The Heart. This is a group for writers who want to write from their heart to touch and transform their readers.

And if you live in or near Corvallis, Oregon, I’m holding a half day retreat. There’s more to come about these events, but if you want to be first in line just hit reply and I’ll let you know more.

In the mean time, thank you for your dedication to live and flow your life as love. Your dreams comes alive when you do. And our world is made better with your love.

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