Is This You?

Is This You?

Are any of these situations familiar?

Your body is letting you down. You’re experiencing either minor or major health issues. You’d love to know what your body is trying to tell you so that you can heal. So far nothing seems to work or make sense.

Spiritual and personal growth mean a lot to you but you’re confused. You’ve taken courses, read loads of books and yet feel spiritually unfulfilled. Attempts at manifesting your dreams have failed. You feel frustrated and even a little bit angry about all of this.

Life was going well until you were blindsided. Either you were let go from a job, diagnosed with serious illness or a significant relationship ended. You feel unable to find your feet. You’re afraid that unless something changes you’re going to lose a grip on your life.

You feel stuck. You’re keen to help make the world a better place. And yet, whenever you take a step into the ‘real’ world with your vision it feels as though you’ve hit a brick wall. Self-doubt swallows you up and you end up spinning your wheels.

Anxiety, grief or depression are weighing on you. You manage to muddle through life well enough and yet you’re finding it difficult to shake off feeling low or heavy. The idea that you could be comfortable in your own skin and relate confidently in life seems beyond reach.

Or maybe…

Life is good and yet something is missing. You have a good career, loving relationships and yet inside you feel empty. You might even feel a bit guilty for feeling this way. After all, from the outside your life seems perfect. You sense an impulse to wake up to something that’s beyond your day to day existence.

Struggles like these dissolve when your heart awakens spiritually and you discover how to consciously steward your energy.

I work with clients who are:
Feeling in inner impulse to wake up to more a conscious and enlightened way of living and want a clear and concrete pathway to health and wellbeing, not just for themselves but for the lives of those they touch.

Previous clients have included: artists, parents, writers, healing practitioners, ministers, coaches, therapists, doctors, accountants, business owners, computer programmers and more. The call to wake up doesn’t limit itself to particular roles in life. If you feel ready to take the next step, you more than likely are.

Our partnership works best if you:

Have a desire to experience greater peace and love for yourself, others and the planet.

Are open minded.

Are willing for things to change more easily than you might think possible.

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