What Is A Clarity Conversation?

Life invites us to wake up.

To discover who we really are is happiness, peace, love, freedom and creative (healing) potential.

But often the way is not clear.

When is a clarity conversation helpful?

1. You feel there’s more to life but feel stuck, disconnected or un-fulfilled. Perhaps life has thrown you a curve ball such as a relationship breakdown, illness, or healing crisis.

2. You have an understanding of your true nature but feel blocked or confused about what’s arising on your path of awakening.

3. You’re a coach, therapist, healer, counselor, minister or work in the creative arts and want to explore how to bring your understanding more fully into your your work.

What happens in the conversation?

We’ll meet online to explore what you’re struggling with or want to heal or deepen. Our conversation will point to your true nature and source of happiness, peace, healing and and creative potential.

There is no charge for this conversation. I may recommend resources to support you going forward and if further conversation would help we’ll talk about options for working together.

Request a Clarity Conversation

Provide your name and email address below. I’ll get back to you to find a time to talk. We’ll meet online on Zoom (or by phone).

 I’d been feeling really stuck in my career path and knew that I was at important juncture but just couldn’t see my way forward. Fiona holds a totally open and accepting space which is rare. As we talked it became clear, emotionally and spiritually, how I was holding back my creativity.

After we talked it dawned on me what my next steps are for a new career path which combines all of my interests and experience. The dot’s of my life have joined up and a new path for my work is opening up. The view from where I am now is pretty inspiring.


I’d always known that I had a spiritual connection but I hadn’t been able to find peace in my day to day life. My mind was always worried, always focusing on what I didn’t want. This was overwhelming my family life and creative life.

The night after our conversation I had an incredible dream. It was like seeing the most beautiful gems and I kept thinking this is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The feeling it gave me was incredible. I felt I was seeing my soul for the first time. This is the connection is with me still and it’s incredibly comforting.


In talking with Fiona I felt something resonating inside me. I ‘got it’ that I don’t need to try to fix my body. All the time and money I’d spent on trying to get well was making the problem worse. I saw that I’d been running scared for years and had stopped trusting. This in itself is a breakthrough. I know adjustments are going to happen based on what I see and for the first time in a long time I’m excited about what’s opening up.


Live an awakened life.

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