Privacy and Data Protection Policy

How personal information may be used
I collect personal information to provide a service for you. Your personal information is used to send you free content and invitations to programs and other offers so you can consider them.

I only send information to people who ask for it, usually when you fill out a form on my website, or on one of the platforms that I show up on (Facebook, for instance), or when you make a purchase through my website or in a conversation with me.

What personal information is collected
What I collect depends on how you interact with me. I don’t take anything you don’t voluntarily share.

Examples of the data that I may ask for depending on what services and products you ask for:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Credit card information
  • Other contact information or preferences

How personal information stored
All data is stored in online systems, there is no paper storage of information. Some examples of the systems I’m using at the time this is written: Get Response, Facebook ad manager and payment processing system (Paypal or Stripe).

If you have purchased a private service or product all payment information is stored within secure third party platforms whose business is to do that securely with high levels of encryption. I cannot, for instance, look up your credit card number and use it.

Non-personal information
Non personal information does not identify a specific person. I use website analytics, pixel tags, and cookies to help understand how people use my website and services.

I don’t share your information
I don’t give out or sell your information to other companies.

You retain control
You can unsubscribe, or otherwise let me know that you don’t wish me to use your data and I will honor your request. You can ask us how your data has been used, and I will let you know.

You can ask to be deleted from my system. I can do that, with the exception that if you’ve bought anything from me, I am required to track income for tax purposes, and your receipts would remain in my accounting system for at least seven years. You would be removed from my marketing or client delivery system. Please be patient for me to follow-up with you. It may take up to two weeks to meet some requests.

I’ll do my best to meet legal requirements, honor your requests and be transparent to serve you well. If you have any questions, please ask.

Fiona Moore
Last updated April, 2022