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Dearest Fiona, thank you so much for the letting go support call. The process was really amazing for me and helped me realize I don’t have to mentally process everything uncomfortable that comes up, which is a relief as I was getting tired of that 🙂


Thank you Fiona, I was hoping there would be a replay It was a great call I love seeing and receiving your skills you are really unlike anyone else. Lovely grounded-ness and soothing deep work.


I had no idea I was getting in my own way. All I knew was that I felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel getting nowhere trying to control my life and my business. It was exhausting.  Discovering how to let go and get out my own way has been utterly life changing. I feel an amazing ease which I keep finding when I let go and the notion of being ‘in flow’ is absolutely concrete for me now. 


Once again,  HUGE THANK YOU for holding these letting go sessions and sharing the recordings.

I like to listen to the recordings whilst I am walking in the countryside and over the last few days I’ve listened to both of the July recordings.  I found both of them so ‘simply’ powerful and somethings resonated for me in each of the experiences shared by all the participants.  

Again, I have such admiration of your skill, expertise, knowledge and how profoundly you adapt that to help the person you are communicating with directly as well as it being meaningful for us listening.  Thank you.

Since earlier on this year and more acutely over the last week, I have been experiencing physical pain. However, I am opening to see these physical symptoms as information, rather than there being something wrong with me.  I am choosing to stay noticing and trusting the process.  I ‘noticed’ yesterday the pain created tears but I was aware and felt that the emotional response was something other than a response to the pain.