Month of Healing Support

Four Part Immersion 

The pandemic has raised big questions. What is safe? How do we stay well? What’s the best way to connect with each other?

Questions like this can generate stress, confusion and conflict.

One thing that has not changed despite the disruption and uncertainty is the root of wellbeing, health, peace and connection. This root is our is and always is our heart.

The human heart symbolizes the home of our spirit or soul and the source of all healing.

More than a symbol, our heart creates and energetic transmission that extends way beyond the physical body. The vibration of the heart vibrates energetically and extends beyond the physical body.

We’re living in a time of huge change and uncertainty stirring up confusion, overwhelm, anxiety and fear.

Understandably, this question is on the lips of many: “Where or who do we turn to for direction and stability?”

Do we turn to experts, science, politics. Dig a hole and hunker down. Or pretend the fuss is a figment of our imagination and carry on as normal?

Before this crisis many of us were looking for a new way to live. To create a world of safety, love and resource for everyone. Where ideas and beliefs lead to understanding not conflict. Health and success arise out of collaboration and synergy, not competition and burn out, and diversity is celebrated, not held up as cause to divide us.

Perhaps, more than ever, the time has come to embrace the idea embedded in many spiritual traditions that crisis is an opportunity to wake up to the essence of love and wisdom at our core, and see the world in a whole new light.

In this three part online series we’ll explore and support each other to anchor deep into our core. To stabilize your nervous system and connect with the compass of your inner knowing to experience the peace, wisdom and love that lies at the heart of crisis.



Part One: We’ll explore how to establish a relationship with overwhelm, fear and anxiety that acts as a catalyst for healing and awakening.

When you learn to engage difficult emotions with awareness and compassion, suffering and pain dissolve to reveal peace, wellbeing and clarity.

Part Two: We’ll uncover old patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior that no longer serve you.

As you learn to let go of habits of coping or surviving you connect with wisdom and discernment to create and navigate life from a place of love and creative potential.

Part Three: We’ll stabilize new insights to build trust in your own knowing and align your potential with the flow and intelligence of Life.

This conscious relationship with your core transforms your life into an expression of love and peace that serves not only yourself but the whole.



 Details and how to join:

 Dates, times, place

The live sessions are on November 5th, 12th, 19th at 11.30am Pacific, 2.30pm Eastern, 7.30pm UK. Each session is around 75 minutes long. We’ll meet online on Zoom, or you can phone in.

 What’s included?

  • Guided exploration to consciously connect with the essence of love, security and creative potential at your core.
  • Teachings and reflections to support learning by resonance and insight.
  • Opportunity for your questions to be explored and answered.  If you’re unable to join us live you can send me your questions by email.
  • Video and audio recordings of each session will go out shortly after each live sessi

There are two options to chose from to participate.

Option One: Register for four part healing series.  $47.00  BUTTON  Register for full healing series

Option Two: Register for introductory session only. Free.  BUTTON   Register for introduction only



fiona_headshot_lgFiona shares a simple yet profound understanding of healing, spiritual awakening, happiness and inspired conscious living. Her work integrates psychology, spirituality and embodied non-dual consciousness. She has worked in schools, prisons, hospitals and addiction centers and has been in private practice for over twenty-five years. Her work points to Love at the core of our being that dissolves suffering, heals the mind and body, liberates creative potential, reveals peace and happiness and transforms our life and world for the better.

During Fiona’s class the reality of my fundamental, innate wellbeing and wholeness somehow came alive in me. Not as a concept but in a way that felt electric and tremendously hopeful. I love the clarity of Fiona’s way of sharing, it speaks so clearly to my deeper knowing. ~ Lynne

The understanding Fiona shared was new to me but I found it compelling and energizing even if I didn’t know how to articulate it. Previously I’d spent a lifetime disliking being myself and hating life. For a long time I believed I wasn’t lovable. Then I became physically sick and suspected that my illness was brought on by emotional issues. In the class I had a huge insights that I was trapped in expectations of failure and rejection. Each time I saw this old belief I literally felt the belief dissolve.  It was kind of ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time. Needless to say I have a whole different understanding of the idea of freedom. ~ Alan

Fiona’s class had a profound effect on me. I’d been paralyzed with anxiety and couldn’t function or think straight.  Fiona’s response and reflection instantly agreed with my inner experience that I had lacked the words for. She invited me to open to what was attempting to express inside me and in that instant my being shifted that allowed stored emotion and energy to surface along with fresh insights about how to move forward in an effortless way. ~ Linda