Welcome to the Heart of Healing

Here’s what you need to do next to access the dashboard for your course library.

Please check your inbox (also check your spam/junk folder if you don’t find it in your inbox) for TWO important emails from me with these subject lines:

Subject: Please Complete Your Heart of Healing Registration.

This email contains a unique-to-you link to set up your username and password to access the course dashboard which will be the library for course resources. Follow the link and complete your registration as soon as possible. Thanks!

Subject: Welcome to Heart of Healing

This is your welcome email. It has important information about how to access your dashboard, how to reach out for help and how to connect to our live sessions.

If you are a member of another of Fiona’s courses/groups….

If you are already have an existing member login – for instance, if you’re a member of The Awakening Circle, choose the “Existing Account” tab when you head to the registration completion page, and log in with your username and password for that program instead of completing a new registration.

A few other things to consider…


Email Deliverability

Make sure you get our emails. Whitelist and prioritize emails from fiona@fionamoore.com in your email settings.

If you’re not sure how to whitelist emails, here’s a great article on how to do so in different email providers.

Email Notifications and Reminders

Be sure to watch out for more emails from me shortly. NOTE: I always send updates and reminders via email. Please make sure you do not accidentally unsubscribe from those notifications!



If you have questions about the course please don’t hesitate to contact me, Fiona.

For technical issues please reach out to my tech support, Ericka.