Finding Life in the Heart of Death

Three Part Online Series

Life is a mystery and perhaps the biggest mystery of all is death. What is is death? Is death an end to life or does death open to an expanded life free of physical limitation?

The subject of death is often avoided because it triggers loss and pain, or it’s treated only as a medical event. This tends to create disconnect and fear of death.

Spiritual teachings and science agree that there is no end to the energy that animates life. Like ice that thaws to water that rises as steam, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. 

This understanding points to birth and death as a continuous dynamic that allows Life to express as an evolving dance. 

When we’re disconnected and afraid of death we suppress our life force and capacity to live fully.  And when we know deep down that death is not an end point, each moment releases to birth a new, clearer experience of our true self.   

In this three part series we’ll explore and support each other to integrate a deep understanding of the life-giving nature of death.  To live more fully and present and give birth to the gift of life in daily life, and as we consciously journey towards our own death.

This series is for you if you:

  • are concerned or fearful about your own death or the death of loved ones
  • struggle with unresolved grief 
  • hold back from fully expressing your desires
  • want to develop your own conscious pathway of aging and dying


Part One: We’ll explore the question: “Is death the end of life?” To uncover and release misunderstanding and unquestioned beliefs about death.

Part Two: We’ll explore the idea that death is a threshold that opens to our true essence beyond form. And, highlight how perception shifts when fear of dying falls away. 

Part Three: We’ll explore how our true Self is enlightened (more conscious) in daily life when the deep knowing of death becomes integrated and rooted in awareness. 


 Details and how to join:

 Dates, times, place

This is an online course and can be taken any where you have access to the internet. You are welcome to join us whether or not you can attend the live sessions. Recordings of the live sessions will go out shortly after each meeting.

The live sessions are on: November 1st, 8th, 15th. At 11.30am Pacific Time, 2.30pm Eastern Time, 7.30pm UK*. Each session is 75 minutes long. We’ll meet online on Zoom, or you can phone in.

*If you live outside the USA the start time is one hour earlier on November 1st, due to daylight savings.


What’s included?

  • Guided meditation to explore the infinite, eternal nature of your true self.
  • Teachings and reflections to support learning by resonance and insight.
  • Opportunity for your questions to be explored and answered.  If you’re unable to join us live you can send your questions by email.
  • Video and audio recordings of each session will go out shortly after each live session.


 Finding Life in the Heart of Death



 About Fiona

fiona_headshot_lgAt an early age I intuited that birth, life and death are part of the same vast, sacred mystery.

My curiosity to understand Life led me to explore psychology, spirituality and consciousness. I enjoyed the training and mentorship of respected contemporary healers and spiritual teachers and applied my understanding in schools, prisons, hospitals, hospice and addiction settings before opening my private practice over thirty years ago.

I’ve been graced with life changing encounters of the deaths of loved ones and colleagues. All have revealed the eternal essence of our Being and the freedom to live life fully that is born when fear of death falls away.  

I’d love to share my insights with you and explore how to find your true Self more completely and fully by embracing death and life equally. If this series resonates with you I hope you’ll join us.

Love, Fiona