Are you true to yourself?

If you were to say you’re always your authentic self you would be absolutely correct.

What you, and we, are is always the eternal, infinite presence of Love.

But, this reality is obscured when attention is drawn into habitual, unquestioned, insecure thoughts about who you think you are. And in the shadow of your true self you go through life trying to become a better version of yourself.

The answer the question; ‘Are you true to yourself?’ requires a shift away from living out of insecure ego-thoughts to turn inwards towards the light of consciousness.

How does that happen?

By opening wider than thought, judgment and assumptions. To see beyond the limitations of thought and belief.

A comprehensive, fearless, open-ness restores your original default setting. The Love you are becomes, once more, again and again, the anchor it was at birth.

The interesting thing is that when this shift happens the experience on the other side of the shift often goes unnoticed because it is utterly natural and authentic.

So it’s helpful to understand what your true self is and is not. Without clarity the ego spews smoke rings around Love and obscures it all over again.

Let’s apply a few litmus tests…..

1. If you are seeking love, peace and happiness from objects, other people, or the world you are not being true to yourself.

If you are expressing love, peace, love and happiness in your relationships and actions in the world, you are.

The former generates a constant stream of insecurity, dissatisfaction and more seeking. The latter is effortless and free. So much so that it seems like you’re not doing your life. Because in truth you are not. Life/Love is living you.

2. If you act from unquestioned beliefs you are not aligned with Truth.

If you are curious and rest in the vast spacious potential of not knowing, you are.

The former generates more of the illusion; the belief that you are separate from life from love. The latter is relaxed, exploratory and revelatory.

3. If you equate your self-worth with outcomes and achievements you will lose yourself.

If you know deep down that you are whole and all is well, no matter what, you will find yourself.

The former is the path of suffering. The latter is the journey home.

4. If you gravitate towards drama or altered states your vision will be distorted.

If you wean yourself off the noise of addiction-making-thought your movement through the world will be free and clear.

The former generates confusion and delusion. The latter discerns actions that serve Love.


Your potential to thrive is infinitely possible to the extent you express yourself from the constant flow of Love you are.

Then you will engage actions, things and others, with love and your life will transform and evolve of its own accord. Not as an attempt to become a better version of yourself but as a natural consequence of the Love you are unfolding.


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