It happens to the best of us.

We end up spun out, two steps backwards.

Even after years of spiritual and psychological growth we can get triggered into anger, anxiety, fear … some familiar pattern of upset and stress.

We might ask, “How the heck did I end up here again?” And if we’re having a bad day, we conclude that something is wrong with us. Believing the mess is our fault. As though we could have avoided it.

But when it comes to what’s really going on, it’s never what we think.

We’re not in control

The truth is, we can only act the way we do, when we do.

Actions taken, in any given moment, are the result of the current conditioning (beliefs/assumptions/expectations) activated in our mind-body.

Our conditioning acts like a computer program which determines how we see ourselves, others and the world, and outputs our behavior according to the program.

Our self image, how others and the world appear, can only change when programming falls away and our understanding of who we really are – free of conditioning – becomes our foundation.

So, when life gets messy, it can’t be any other way.

“Hold on,” you might say. “But, I could have avoided that, or kept my mouth shut. I’m in control, aren’t I?”

Sure, from birth we’re led to believe that we’re in control of our actions, or should be. But an honest examination makes this claim impossible. Take your body, for example, are you in control of your how your digestion works? What about the growth of your toe nails?

New findings in neuroscience support the understanding that we’re not in control of our body. Something as simple as extending an arm has been shown to have nothing to do with messages from the brain reaching the muscles to move the arm. But we don’t need to wait for science to make a conclusion, we can explore for ourselves.

Take a moment to learn and contemplate any part of your body. Two things become revealed; one, that the body is an amazing, miraculous system and two, we have no control over the millions of biological events that occur moment to moment.

Even if you were to intentionally hold your breath, are you in control of the muscles, tendons, the blood pressure and oxygen uptake in the cells that re-calibrate according to a change in breathing rate?

Vast intelligence

The realization that we’re not in control is a huge challenge to our mind which stakes our safety and security on being in control.

Initially the mind rebels against the idea. But as the truth resonates and integrates a profound shift, like the movement of the ocean floor, reshapes our entire view of who we are and what the world is.

When the belief in control falls away the intelligence of life – that grows toes nails, digests food, births stars and breaths us – becomes conscious. Not as an intelligence that can be measured by an IQ test. But as a deep knowing that we are the intelligence of life in human form.

This realization softens a tight grip to stay in control and gives way for the intelligence of life to guide, prompt, power and flow our inclinations, interests and actions, though us and for us.

So, when a pattern of reactivity and upset plays out – open to the possibility that you’ve not gone backwards. There is simply an unraveling of a deeper layer of limiting beliefs and the rushing in of fresh clarity about who you really are.

Let go, to immerse in knowing yourself as vast intelligence. Allow your mind, body and nervous system to harmonize with this truth.

Become the living miracle you are.



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