The other day I had a surprise treat. I had the opportunity to talk with a client from several years back.  We laughed about how I was put through my paces in being patient as she wrestled with the idea that life was not something she needed to learn to tame, like a wild horse, to make it do what she wanted it to, but that life responds by opening to it and trusting.

When our work ended we hadn’t reached the point where everything was happy and perfect.   Far from it.  She was still working a job she hated, and she hadn’t met the love of her life.   What had changed though was that she’d learned there was a difference between navigating consciously through life as opposed to repeating old patterns, and new desire burned inside her – to live from her potential as opposed to trying to keep life safe. It was time for her to spread her wings.

When it’s time to fly

My uncle used to say something similar about his racing pigeons. Pigeons might not be the most glamorous birds, but to my uncle they were precious objects of love.  He would say “It’s time for this one to fly.”   I would catch my breath on seeing him hold a young bird gently in his hands. He would then raise his arms high, open his palms and allow the bird to fly.When I asked him how he knew it was time to set the young birds free, he replied that he didn’t know.   It was just a sense he had.  His sense must have been pretty accurate because his bookcase was filled with trophies won by his birds returning home from far flung places.

Of course we’ve now learned from science that birds have a sophisticated inner compass which made the victories a partnership – my uncles careful rearing, and the birds natural ability to orient to their roost.   The qu estion that arises is; what compass are you navigating by?

Your inner GPS

I asked my ex client, who is much more a friend of the heart now, how things were working out.  It turns out she has met her soul mate.  The relationship is not all smooth, they’re working out some kinks, but it is deeply satisfying.  She has also left that awful job and is fulfilling a long held desire to be a writer.  Her work has already been recognized and published.  She isn’t all the way financially self sufficient yet, but she’s getting there.   From every angle her life is orbiting around an entirely different center, her heart.I was curious to know what had helped her manifest these changes.  She laughed as she described how she’d tried a multitude of manifesting techniques; from mantra’s to meditations and visualizations to visioning.  Some strategies seemed to work for a while, but many took her down a rabbit hole.

She paused before saying that the one thing that consistently worked to bring inner relief and clarity, and helped to open new avenues, was one of the postures she’d learned in our work together – to simply open to the unknown.

Not knowing reveals the way

The secret that both my uncle and my client had discovered was knowing how to tap into their inner knowing.Trying to figure out how to create what you want, or using techniques, tends to obscure the flow of higher intelligence that arrives directly from Source.  When you cultivate the inner posture of not knowing you begin to tap into the road map that your soul holds for your life.

The reason it’s a challenge to tap into your inner knowing is because your everyday mind loves to figure out strategies that will get you from A to B.  It’s uncomfortable to let go of leading with your thinking.   You need to be willing to not know how you’ll create your dream, or not know how you’ll meet your soul mate, or what steps to take to find your ideal job.

You don’t need to be all the way at ease with this posture.  The more you sink into n ot knowing, the more your inner sense, or inner knowingness begins to speak to you.  This moment is an exciting moment of the spiritual journey.   You begin to read the book of your own life and get super clear about what makes you unique and what brings you genuine satisfaction.

Clarity about who you are, and what makes you tick, combined with not knowing how your life will shape shift creates an invitation for your higher potential to take up the form of what you love.

What arises in you as you contemplate not knowing?  I’d love to hear your experiences of opening to your inner knowing in the comments below.

Invitation to Embody your hearts purpose

There are two ways to navigate in life; one is with the habits of conditioning in the driving seat, and the other way is with consciousness in the driving seat.

When the habits of conditioning, or ego, is in the driving seat you can only keep creating what you’ve created before. To create life afresh, aligned with your higher spiritual potential, you need to know how to hold consciousness in the driving seat.

The skills of conscious navigation are a key feature of my new group program called Embody your heart’s purpose. When you navigate consciously you feel comfortable being yourself, enjoy greater honesty and authenticity in relationships, have clarity about important decisions and open the channel to good things happening in your life.

The program begins in March so there’s no rush, but please don’t hold back. The course is over half filled, at most there are 6 spots left. If you feel this course might be for you, let’s have a chat to help your clarity. Find out more, and arrange to have a conversation with me here.

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