Authentic Love and Connection in Relationships

6 Session Live Online Course

Love them or hate them relationships are unavoidable. 

At birth we’re dependent on parents and care takers. Then follows a stream relationships; siblings, friends, teachers, house-mates, bosses, colleagues, neighbors, spouses, children…. 

Studies show that good relationships support wellbeing, longevity, mental and physical health. 

But if relationships are so integral to the human experience why can they be a source of intense pain, grief, tension and conflict?

“What you react to in other people is what needs healing in you.”

In this course we’ll explore how the true purpose of relationships is to create a catalyst for healing and awakening.  When we open to this understanding relationships become deeply fulfilling, loving and nurturing. 

I had no idea my people pleasing behavior was wearing me out. I thought other people were! I was disappointed over and over when I went the extra mile to give people what I thought they wanted but got nothing in return, no thanks, appreciation or respect.

It was tough to question my desire to please others because it looked like the right thing to do. But I began to see that my people pleasing behavior came from a buried belief of being un-lovable and had nothing to do with the other person.

This insight has been totally liberating. I no longer wear myself out by people pleasing or feel dejected if I’m rejected. My motivation is now clear. My desire to share and be generous is real, authentic and powerful because comes from my heart not my subconscious neediness.


The relationship fast track

Modern culture portrays ‘other’ people as the source of love and happiness. 

But this idea is misleading.

When this belief is believed relationships become a precarious activity of trying to get love, approval, and happiness from others.

A relationship might be going well and then turns into conflict. Other relationships skim the surface and never satisfy. 

Ultimately, the belief that ‘other’ people are the source of love and happiness leads to pain, exhaustion, anger and disappointment. 

“All relationships reflect the degree to which you are rooted and grounded in the truth of your being.”

The real gift of relationships is to realize that love and happiness exist at the core of your being. 

This simple yet profound understanding ends seeking love and happiness ‘out there’ from other people and allows you to engage in relationships grounded in the presence, clarity and love of your true nature.

Instead of seeking love, relationships become an opportunity to express love and happiness without fear.

I’ve grappled with and explored the purpose of relationships throughout my personal and professional life and I’d love to share my understanding of authentic relationships with you.



The Heart of Relationships

A six-session live online course to nurture authentic love and connection in relationships.

Strange but true; we are immersed in relationships from birth (some would say before) but are not handed a relationship manual at birth, if ever.

The knowledge about how to have healthy, loving relationships is taken for granted. It’s assumed that other people will always want the best for us.

But, how we relate to other people is intricately related to our perception of who we are. To create loving and nourishing relationships we need to heal and integrate distorted beliefs about who we think we are. Then it becomes possible to enter into relationships free of the limited ego-story-of-me identity. 

My intention for this course is to provide a foundational understanding which supports a shift away from ego based relating to relating consciously from an anchored understanding of your true Self.   

The course is a combination of live online meetings, video reflections, group and 1-1 guidance, exercises to expand your awareness and an individual coaching session to integrate your understanding.


I’d always felt out of place in social situations. I felt inadequate and weak. To compensate I tried to impress people, or avoided interacting all together. I didn’t have friends and didn’t even feel confident talking to neighbors.

Fiona showed me how to dissolve beliefs and lies I’d adopted which kept me stuck in painful patterns. When this happened my experience and relationship behavior began to change all by itself.

I feel confident now to voice my ideas in meetings with my boss and colleagues. I talk more openly with my wife and children to resolve issues rather than avoid them. I even found myself initiating a conversation with new neighbors and enjoyed it. The changes seem kind of magical because I didn’t try to change, I just began interacting differently, naturally.


My intention for what you’ll gain from the course:

  • Healing and freedom from painful relationship patterns.
  • Discernment of authentic love and connection versus insecure ego relating.
  • Confidence to transform conflict with others.
  • An understanding of authentic boundaries and intimacy. 
  • Deep transformative listening. 
  • The ability to be present, real, and authentic in relationships.

What this course is….and is not:

This course is not a ‘manifest your soul mate’ kind of course. It won’t teach a shopping list of strategies to attract your perfect mate.

It is designed to set you free of limiting, painful relationship patterns to become receptive and open for existing and new relationships to become authentic, grounded, loving and fulfilling.

It is not comprised of communication practices, boundary setting techniques or intimacy strategies.

It is designed to facilitate a profound shift in your sense of who and what you are – to experience the wholeness of your true nature – and reveal how to share your authentic self with others.

It is not just for people who have a partner.

It is for anyone who wants to experience greater harmony, depth and fresh possibilities in their current and past relationships. 

It is not for people who want to change other people.

It is designed to support healing and transformation of beliefs and perceptions that obscure your deep knowing about how to navigate relationships from love and wisdom.


About Fiona

I was a naturally sensitive and empathic child. I intuitively sensed pain and suffering. But this wasn’t easy.

One of my earliest memories was that the dynamics in my family were not ‘right’. I sensed the pain of my parents relationship but felt helpless.

My parents meant well but the message that relationships are for sharing love and care was not clearly communicated.

By the time I was a teenager I felt awkward and frustrated. I was afraid of what others thought of me. I withdrew from relationships in fear of messing things up.

At the same time I had a strong desire to understand how life worked and turned my attention to psychology, spirituality and ideas about consciousness and reality. As an adult I studied with leading teachers of spiritual awakening and healing.

My studies, and work with clients, led to a profound understanding of our true nature; how everything in life, including difficult relationships, awaken the realization of who we really are and what love is.

I’m deeply grateful to have explored the purpose of relationships with thousands of people in my work. And thankful for all of my relationships, especially the tough ones, where I’ve opened to the healing on offer to discover true intimacy, trust and connection.  

I wish this for you: that you discover how relationships lead you to the truth of who you are and open a doorway into authentic love,  harmony and connection.

The understanding Fiona shares is clear and totally practical.

I was clueless about how relationships work. It’s no wonder I ended up in painful messes over and over again.

Now that I understand what relationships are really for my relationship life is one hundred percent different – and it keeps getting better. I pinch myself because I can’t believe how much trust, connection, and fun I’m having in my relationships.

Even with old friends and my ex-husband, who haven’t changed, I’m relating differently because I’m no longer triggered into days on end of frustration, anger and resentment.

I’ve had massive insights, and release, from patterns passed down my family line. Now, I’m standing my ground, open and receptive, no longer afraid to speak up for myself for fear of rejection.

Above all, I’m more intimate with myself. I feel what I really feel without being afraid. I’m listening to my heart, not my insecure thoughts about being alone. Forgiveness for myself and others comes naturally. I’m closer with my son, too – which gives me huge relief because I was afraid of passing my relationship mess onto him. And, for the first time, I’m know I’m open, in an authentic way, to meet a new partner.   


Overview of the Course

The summary below is a framework but it’s not rigid.  Because this course is a live course our exploration will be dynamic and uniquely responsive to your questions, insights, questions and experience.  

The beauty of this is that your interests, learning, and inquiry will be relevant and immediately applicable to your relationship life. 

True Purpose of Relationships

  • How relationships dissolve the illusion of being separate.
  • End the search for love, approval and validation from others.
  • Identify and heal painful relationship patterns.

The Relationship Crucible

  • The purpose of conflict in relationship and how to transform with love.
  • How ‘other people’ mirror your true self.
  • Learn to listen deeply to connect from your true self.

Authentic Intimacy and Boundaries

  • How to recognize authentic love, intimacy and connection.
  • Boundaries, forgiveness and integrity.
  • How all relationships lead to the realization of who we really are and what we are here for.

How the course works

Live group meetings

We’ll have six live group sessions. The live sessions are where teachings and your insights and openings clarify and deepen. If you’re not able to join live you’ll have the opportunity to participate by sending in your insights and questions before each live call.  

Teachings and ideas

Teachings about the true purpose of relationships happen in live sessions and in short reflection videos throughout the course. The ideas I share are for you to explore to discover for yourself how they reveal what’s true.

Healing and transformation

You’ll be encouraged to explore simple reflective exercises to identify limiting relationship patterns and how to dissolve and transform them for new learning aligned with your true self to occur.  

Check in’s

The ideas and transformation in the course is shaped and illuminated by your participation. You’ll be invited to send in your questions, insights and observations before each live call.  If you are not able to join us live your check-in allows you to participate fully.  

Private 1-1 integration session

You’ll have the opportunity for a private 40 minute 1-1 coaching session towards the end or after the live course. This session will expand and integrate your insights, learning and new understanding.

Video recordings of all live group meetings

All live meetings are recorded and made available for viewing and so you can create your own library.

Video reflections

You’ll receive 3-5 video reflections in between the live group meetings. These will deepen your understanding of how relationships support how to engage with clarity and integrity in relationships.  

Downloadable PDF’s with simple, easy exercises

Written pdf instructions of simple, transformative inquiry practices to embody the ideas we explore in the course.

Audio versions 

Downloadable audio versions of all live video meetings and reflections if you prefer to listen only.

 Questions and Answers

What are the dates of the live sessions?

Live group meetings are on Monday’s at 11am Pacific Time/2pm Eastern/7pm UK.

On these dates: September 25. October 2, 9, 16, 23. November 6.

How do we meet online?

We meet in my a private online video Zoom room. 

What if I can't attend a live session?

The course is designed so that you can follow along in real time and keep current with the course in self-study.

Before every live session members will be asked to send in questions, insights and comments. Your responses will shape the unique exploration of this course and allow your participation in real time.


Considerable preparation and backend work goes into creating an online course. For this reason no refunds will be offered once the course has begun.

If you cancel at least ten days before the course begins you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within ten days of the beginning of the course no refund will be made.  You are welcome to gift the course to a friend as a way of sharing the experience.

To cancel Email me at:  

Is there a discount for current students/clients?

If you are a private client or member of another program please reach out to me for a special rate.

I thought I had a permanent anger issue which I tried to keep suppressed. But with my husband, in particular, I’d get really angry and we’d end up in a shouting match. He would then storm off and I’d be left feeling empty and frustrated.

My work with Fiona led me to examine feelings underneath my anger and something shifted.  In the middle of an argument with my husband it was as though a crack opened up. I suddenly saw the illusion of the pattern I was caught in and I stopped reacting. My anger dropped, literally. And I saw the whole thing was made up by my mind.

Right in front of my eyes my husband shape shifted and I knew he was my perfect teacher. I realized that the way my husband appeared in the illusion was to teach me to let go over and over – to dissolve my unconscious beliefs. When the shift happened he appeared totally different and my heart opened and I fell back in love with him.

~ Amy

What to do next

If you resonate with the intentions of this course and feel called to have a transformative shift in your relationship life, I’d love for you to join us.

The course is limited to up to ten participants to allow for space for live interactions and support. I encourage you to register early if you’d like to join us.

Register below – chose to pay in one or two installments.

If you have a question scroll down the page and fill out the question-form and I’ll get back to you.

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I had a huge ‘aha’  when I saw how the power plays in my family were a drama, not a real thing. After that the need to try to get other people’s approval dropped away. I don’t know how but somehow this also led to a huge shift with my eating issue. My body has literally released this habit from deep inside. I feel this viscerally not just psychologically.

I’m much more comfortable in my body and less emotionally reactive. It feels great to be in relationships as an organic flow rather than trying to control them.

– Christina


“I was riddled with guilt about being absent during my daughters childhood due to alcohol addiction. She resented me which I felt I deserved. I was afraid to to talk with her to heal our relationship.

Fiona helped me see how guilt was an attempt to punish myself, and how it held back my love. When the guilt resolved I felt waves of compassion for her and me. This shift felt deeply healing.

Now I feel courageous around my daughter. She sensed the shift in me and dropped her anger. We’ve grown closer. We’ve even talked about the difficult years and have cried together for how hard it was for both of us. Our relationship is softening and, dare I say, becoming more fun.”  

~ Gillian


Do you have a question or is there something you’d like to clarify? 

I’d like to make sure you have your questions answered. Please reach out using the form below to ask any question about the course and whether it’s right for you.