Finding Love and Authentic Connection in Relationships

6 week Live Interactive Online Course

This course explores how relationships with others expands and makes us conscious of who we really are and how to relate in conscious unconditional love.

The promise and the pain of relationships

#1. Relationships finding love whether with an intimate partner, friends, parents or family is deeply rewarding and intensely painful.

We can’t escape relationships. We’re born into them and are dependent on others from birth.

In culture we’re led ot believe that true love is found in other people. But unless you happen to be r’s can also be the  biggest source of pain hurt and trauma and the love promised remains a mystery.

The default is i did something wrong  i’m not capable of good r’s  I’m not lovable or   The first, most common approach, is to turn to experts for a ‘fix’ or cure via diagnosis, treatment, medications, psychological strategies, tools and techniques.

esp. in current times.  we feel suffocated by, trapped in, merged, or we feel lonely, separate when we’re with others/in R.  

and then there’s the cultural story line of finding your soul mate…and the pain of that if hasn’t happened, or feel missing out if don’t have one.

r’s with lovers, partners, children, family members, parents, your boss, neighbor, friend. 

r’ to stop feeling alone, helpless, to feel good, 


#2. The second approach is the path of Self-healing. This path is an inner journey that uncovers wholeness and wellbeing at the core of your being.

Conscious loving enriches and deepens r’s by awakening expand capacity to love from rooted in true Self. Frees from trying to control r and other that harm r’s. opens heart to know that the other is not separate from us but shares same essence.

Love is who you are….an invitation to stop seeking love in relationships and open to the Love at the heart of all relationships

R begin in childhood.

Parents model, books, education, culture, movies.  It seems that love is out there and r’s are the source solution to happiness security approval but what happens when r’s so often do the very opposite.

Parents divorce. But was a long time coming. Control. Roles. Patterns set in. To avoid the pain. Seek love in other things or seek love by repeating patterns. Confusion.

We are love. At our core. The very thing we seek in others is our anchor right here, now. Anchored in love seeking in the other stops and then free to express love not get it.

look for happiness and love and approval in r’s. instead we miss the peace, happiness, love that we are at our core.  it’s in r’s that the pull to get your happiness in others is strongest. after all isn’t that what our orignial r’s in family/ growing up that we were dependent…we needed others to give us what we needed?  yes to survive, but rarely we get and often but no guarteed more, in loving, encouraging, supportive healthy relating. but more it’s uc love   we learn v early on that human love is when we do what we’re expected, behave, 

My interest led me to study with leading healers and teachers of consciousness and realized that connection with our innate core of wholeness leads to healing.

In this course you’ll uncover and explore your own innate wholeness. This exploration infuses your healing journey with new light and Grace to support the transformation of physical and emotional issues.

We’ll explore:

  • Are interested in a conscious approach to health and wellness.
  • Are worried about your health or have chronic illness.
  • Have tried treatment approaches for little or no benefit.
  • Wonder what ‘message’ ill health contains.
  • Are a therapist, health practitioner or care-giver who wants to deepen your understanding.

Cultivate a deeper heart

Love cannot be given or taken away.  it cannot be lost or found or betrayed. love is not a peak experience, a spiritual state, a reward for doing r right. Love is what you are.

Love is a field of presence within us and we live with this field. it is us. it is all others. cf Foster

We will look deeply at love and let r’s come into a fresh perspective from the understanding of what love really is.

My parents had a difficult and painful r and it ahs been one of the biggest by meeting the pain has been one of the biggest most powerful openings into the deeper Love I and all of us are.

My intention for this course is not only to support your physical and emotional health, but to connect consciously with the heart of your being to know your essential wholeness and perfection.

We’ll meet for online for six webinars (all will be recorded if you’re not able to join live). Plus there will be weekly video reflections, guided meditations and a 1-1 session to integrate your insights.

Summary of what we’ll cover

  • What is a authentic love?
  • How to undo conflict?
  • Is there a deeper purpose of  r?
  • How does conscious loving show up?

An Overview of the Course

Theme #1 The True Nature of the Body

  • purpose of r’s  cf S no one brings happiness
  • Wanting nothing and gaining everything
  •  What is intimacy?

Theme #2 The Relationship Crucible

  • The r dance.
  • Conflict as a creative moment
  • R are perfect players in our mind

Theme #3 Fall In Love With YourSelf

  • love vs attraction  cf jeff
  • l is constant 
  • Love comes from fall into the love of yourself find love in the world

Theme #4 The Field of Possibility

  • You are unlimited potential.
  • Freedom from the fear of death.
  • The deeper gift in ill-health.

How the course works

Live group meetings

Every Tuesday we’ll have a live session with reflections, guidance and questions. Time: 11am PT/2pmET/7pmUK. All live sessions are recorded.

Healing Energy Tranmissions

Throughout the course I will transmit healing energy at unscheduled times of the day. The healing transmission will begin as soon as you register. You’ll receive instructions about how to get the most benefit from the transmissions when you register.

Video reflections

Weekly video reflections to deepen your exploration of Self healing.

Guided meditations

Weekly guided meditations to help integrate your understanding.

Personal 1-1 session

You’ll have one 30 minute 1-1 session with me during the course to deepen your understanding and fine tune your healing journey.

Your Responsibility

This work uncovers and activates your natural healing intelligence but does not diagnose, treat or guarantee a cure for illness or psychological issues. Occasionally this work unblocks energy in your system. The course will provide guidance to release and go beyond any discomfort. However, if you have an existing mental health condition, or physical illness, please consult with your health care professional for support.

Single Payment

Early registration rate before April 22nd


Full rate after 


Two payments Of


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the live sessions?

Live meetings are on Tuesday’s at 11am Pacific Time.  June 23rd, 30th. July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.

How do we meet online?

We meet in my a private online video Zoom room. You can join using your lap top or desktop, or by your device. Telephone access is available if you don’t have computer access.

Can I join the course if I can't attend live?

You’ll have the best experience of the course if you participate live. However the course is designed so that you can participate no matter if you join the live sessions or not.

All live interactive sessions are recorded and made available. If you know you’ll miss a session, you can email me questions for me to address in the live session. The distant healing transmissions do not require you to be online.


If you are not happy with the course for any reason you may cancel your participation within 10 days of the start date of the course for a full refund. Simply Email me at:  No refunds will be made after this time.

Is there a discount for current students/clients?

If you are a current student in another program, or private client please reach out to me for a special rate.

I still have questions.

Email me at so I can help.

What People Say…..

I had no idea my people pleasing behavior was wearing me out. I thought other people were! I was disappointed over and over again when I went the extra mile to give people what I thought they wanted but got nothing in return, no thanks, no appreciation, no respect.

It was tough to question my desire to please others because it looked like the right loving thing to do. But I began to see that my people pleasing was coming from buried insecurity and had nothing to do with the other person.

This insight has been totally liberating. I no longer wear myself out or feel dejected. My desire to share and be generous feels real, authentic and powerful because comes from my heart not my subconscious neediness.


I’d always felt awkward in social situations. It felt as though I didn’t fit in. I would try to impress people, or avoid interacting all together. I didn’t even feel confident talking to neighbors and I didn’t have friends.

Fiona showed me how to dissolve the thoughts and beliefs that I’d taken to true about me. When this happened my behavior began to change, all by itself. I became more confident in meetings with my boss and colleagues, and in talking with my kids and wife. I even felt at ease initiating a conversation with new neighbors. It was a surprise and felt kind of magical because I didn’t try to change, I just began interacting differently.


I had a huge ‘aha’  when I saw how the power plays in my family were a drama, not a real thing. After that the need to try to get other people’s approval dropped away. I don’t know how but somehow this also led to a huge shift with my eating issue. My body has released this habit from deep inside. I feel this viscerally not just psychologically.

I’m much more comfortable in my body and less reactive. I feel I’m opening up for to the flow of life rather then trying to control it.

– Christina

I thought I had a permanent anger issue, which I tried to keep suppressed. But with my husband, in particular, I’d get really angry and we’d end up in a shouting match. He would then storm off and I’d be left feeling empty and frustrated.

After a few sessions I began to examine hidden feelings underneath my anger and something shifted.  In the middle of an argument with my husband it was as though a crack opened up. I suddenly saw the illusion of the pattern and I stopped reacting. I saw the whole thing was made up by my mind.

Right in front of my eyes my husband shape shifted and I knew he was my perfect teacher. The way my husband ‘appeared’ in the illusion to be the cause of my irritation was there to teach me to let go over and over – to dissolve my unconscious filters. Then he appeared totally different and my heart opened and I fell back in love with him.

~ Amy

I used to have crippling feelings of guilt and disappointment. My mind was locked onto the past and old hurts. With Fiona’s constant and skillful pointing to the core of who I am, over and over, the guilt and shame and disappointment washed away.

The idea we are love at our core was just a concept before I began to explore who I really am. But now it’s a living, breathing reality. I experience a spaciousness and peacefulness which is constant and reliable and always available to drop back into. And without trying or forcing my relationships with people who lived in my ‘past’ are renewing and deepening.

– Anne


About Fiona

When I was a child I sensed that we are here to evolve in consciousness. I wasn’t able to put my understanding into words until much later but I was sensitive to other people’s pain and instinctively wanted to help.

By the time I was a teen I had my nose in books about psychology, spirituality and scientific teachings about how life works. As an adult I studied with leading teachers of healing and spiritual awakening.

During my early career I worked in schools, hospitals, prisons and addiction treatment centers where I learned to apply my understanding to resolve pain and suffering.

Eventually I left conventional work settings to support people in an exploration of who we really are, and the nature of conscious living and healing.