Lately, I’ve heard the same sentiment echo between clients and friends. They are tired of the drama playing out on the world stage. The volley of opinions fired by sparring leaders, and the clamor of the I’m right and you’re wrong debate.

Surrounded by noise it’s difficult to hear what really matters – what stirs in the silence of our heart.

I may be unusual because I like silence. I put it down to the fact that it I grew up in a mostly silent household. Sadly the rule of ‘no-talking allowed’ (apart from when it was absolutely necessary), was motivated by fear, precariously balanced, between my parents. As opposed to a respect for the sacredness of quiet and stillness.

But children are adaptable. And although the atmosphere in my family was sometimes full of fingernails-scraping-down-a-chalk-board type of tension. I came to love silence.

In a silent family opinions are not encouraged, expressed or debated. I got to know the world through my senses. Not through my intellect, or by trying to formulate opinions. I learned to feel what people were saying, whether they were speaking or not.

Of course, as I grew older, I discovered that most people consider it ‘normal’ to talk and have opinions. Initially this came as a shock. I was astonished when, sat around the dinner table with a school friend and her family for the first time, they began to engage in a flow of chit chat and deeper conversation about how their day had gone.

I also noticed that most human beings find silence awkward and tend to fill it instead of bask in it’s beauty. So, all in all, I’m grateful for my crash course.

What about you? Do you relish silence?

There’s a common misunderstanding that the way to cultivate silence is to sit and meditate.

Meditation is a wonderful activity. I had a daily sitting practice for over fifteen years. If you feel drawn to meditate, do it. Your life will be better for it. But meditation is not the home of silence. Because silence is not the absence of sound. It’s the absence of buying into thoughts.

There are many ways to connect with silence so that your living becomes a meditation.

As you take a walk in nature notice how you drop out of thought. Or when you do the dishes or the fold laundry, notice how the simplicity of the moment draws you into a quiet space.

These moments – when you drop out of your mind – are meditative moments.

They are ‘in-between’ thought-moments where time stands still. And in the stillness your heart feels what is True. What really matters to you.

Strangely, we’re led to believe that we must have opinions. That a worldly person makes an impact by having strong opinions. But opinions and beliefs are a weakness because they need to be defended and justified to stay alive.

So, be bold. Live in the space and the silence between your thoughts. Truth is not something you can know with your ears, eyes or thoughts. It is felt by your heart and recognized by your being.

And when your mind cracks open and you drop into silence, the fragrance of Love permeates the air.

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A happy ending and a new beginning

The end of 2016 is fast approaching. Are you feeling the pull of the new year? Ready to step into the year ahead?

This is the perfect time of take stock of the past year. To see where you are now, and determine whether you’re on a course that frees you up to find joy to make a difference with your life.

Sometimes it’s hard though, to step back and see yourself clearly. It’s easier when you have the perspective of a friend or mentor.

If you’d like some help to take stock of the past year and clarify your direction going forward.  Request a discovery conversation. I’ll help you see your un-tapped potential, and what might need unblocking, to move forward with fresh inspiration.

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