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Featured Interview:

Returning Home: from depression to joyous living with Annabelle Coote

Annabelle Coote is a board certified dance/movement therapist and licensed mental health counselor, educator, consultant and supervisor. She helps clients and therapists harness the power of the body-mind connection and the creative process to deepen, enrich and transform life experiences.

She is the author of “Returning Home: Once Woman’s Journey from Depression to Joyous Living using Body-Centered and Creative Approaches in Dance/Movement Therapy”, a chapter in The Use of the Creative Therapies in Treating Depression (2015).

Discover how:

  • Depression is a dynamic and changing condition.
  • Why body awareness holds a vital key to heal depression.
  • How creativity is natural medicine for depression.


Below is a selection of interviews you’ll get when you register for the series:


The Power of Homeopathy with Donna Powers

Donna Powers is a homeopathic practitioner, teacher, speaker and author, she works with clients in private practice and teaches hoeopathy at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine. She teaches parents about the use of homeopathy for children and is the founder and editor of Homeopathy First, an online magazine which connects homeopathic resources and people.


  • What homeopathy is and how it works.
  • The importance of having a fever.
  • How homeopathic remedies support spiritual awakening. and



The Secret Life of Babies with Dr. Mia Kalef

Dr. Mia Kalef is the founder of Emerging Families; a center for therapy, research and education focused on conception through the first seven years of life.

Prior to her work with Emerging Families Dr. Kalef was a Chriopractor for eighteen years and was drawn into a deep understanding of the development of consciousness in prebirth and birth experiences. She now mentors practitioners in prebirth and birth dynamics and is the author of:

The Secret Life of Babies: How Our Prebirth and Birth Experiences Shape Our World.


  • How birth and prebirth experiences shape you and your world.
  • The origin of your capacity to love.
  • The possibility of communicating with, healing, stored emotions in the body.



Eat your way to Enlightenment and Health with Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician.

She specializes in diet, nutrition and digestion, with a focus on supporting healthy weight maintenance and the treatment of chronic digestive disorders and eating disorders, using herbal therapy and customized eating plans.

At her clinic, Alchemist Clinic, she adopts a 4 – stage healing process drawing on primal-paleo eating protocal as core medicine.

  • How conscious eating does more than nourish the body.
  • The importance dissolving attachments to food.
  • A simple practice to dissolve food cravings.



Relationships as a Spiritual Practice with LaShelle Lowe-Charde

LaShelle Lowe-Chardé is a respected NVC (non violent communication) trainer. She studied with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, a globally recognized form of communicating with clarity and compassion. LaShelle specializes in helping couples develop authentic, mindful, honest and compassionate communication.


  • How non violent communication changes the way we relate.
  • What happens when we become more conscious in our relationships.
  • What to do when one person is waking up on their spiritual path and their partner is not.



What’s in the way is the way, with Mary O’Malley

Mary O’Malley is a speaker, author, and counselor in private practice. In the early 1970’s, she experienced an awakening where she saw through the struggles of the mind, making contact with the joy and the wonder of being fully awake to Life.


  • What it means to awaken.
  • The purpose of challenge and struggle.
  • Healing compulsions.



Windows to your Soul-discover the wisdom of the Enneagram with Janette Blakemore

Janette Blakemore is an authorized teacher of the Enneagram and spiritual guide.


  • How the essence of your personality liberates you into your true spiritual identity.
  • Why it’s important to know and accept the limitations of your personality.
  • How your soul and your personality can operate together for grace to flow into your life.



Clearing cancer for life with Mark Nathaniel Mead MSc

Mark is an nutrition educator, author and consultant who teaches cutting edge approaches to healing the body of illness, including cancer, with nutrition and natural healing approaches.


  • How to optimize physical healing with nutrition.
  • How to make treatment choices to support your bodies natural healing intelligence.



Autoimmune Adventures – a new podcast with Julie Stiles

Julia Stiles is a Health and Transformation Coach and ThetaHealing® Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has an MA in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University. She has a mission to change the way illness and health are viewed at the fundamental level of consciousness.


  • What is autoimmune disease.
  • Why conventional treatment approaches often fail to help – and what does help.
  • How illness is a pathway to wholeness.