Become Unstuck – Enter the Flow of Life

Three part Online Series

Why are some things easy to do and accomplish and yet other things you really want to do, achieve or undo are ignored, avoided or, if you do give your attention to them, end up being a struggle?

The answer is often very simple. Your natural impulse to act in your best interest is held back by the presence of invisible resistance, caused by unconscious limiting beliefs about yourself and life.

When resistance is present in your body/energy/unconscious attempts to make progress is like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve attempted to drive a car with the handbrake on more than once. It can done. The car will move (sometimes not). But there are inevitable consequences; it creates wear and tear,  drains the fuel tank and makes it harder to reach your destination.

It’s the same when you try to take action with resistance in your being. Actions, even the thought of taking action, generates stress, tension and antagonism with yourself, the task at hand or all of life.

In this three part series we’ll explore and support each other to recognize and release the presence of resistance to align with the truth of your being.  Allowing you to express your potential and take actions with aliveness and clarity to flow naturally with the energy and intelligence behind life.

This course is for you if you:

  • avoid, postpone or deny things that need to be done, or undone.
  • ignore, bury or downplay what you really want to do or create.
  • find life a struggle and want to experience ease and effortlessness in action.
  • want to live ‘in the flow’ of life more often.


You’ll learn…

Part One: How to recognize the presence of resistance – in body sensations, mental activity, emotional experience and energetically.

Part Two: How to dissolve resistance ‘on the go’ for your actions to become free of struggle, effort and hold back.

Part Three: How to experience ease and flow in action as opposed to trying and striving to achieve what you want.  


Details and how to join:

This is an online course and can be taken any where you have access to the internet, or a phone. You are welcome to join us whether or not you can attend the live sessions. 

The live sessions are on: February 20th, 27th and March 6th. At 11.00am Pacific Time, 2.00pm Eastern Time, 7.00pm UK. Each session is 75 minutes long. We’ll meet online on Zoom, or you can phone in.


What’s included?

  • 3 Guided Meditations to explore the open, welcoming presence of your being.
  • 3 Reflections to support the shift from unconscious resistance to conscious flow with life.
  • 2 guided audio practices to release resistance.
  • Opportunity for your questions to be explored and answered.  If you’re unable to join the live sessions you can send your questions by email.
  • Video and audio recordings of the entire series for you to download and keep.


 Freedom From Resistance


Fiona, I had no idea I was up to my ears in resistance. All I knew was I seemed to find every way there was to sabotage myself.  I hated my job and even though I wanted to leave I just kept going.  I kept falling for the wrong kind of guy and ignored what I really wanted to do.  I was totally fed up with life.  It was an eye opener when you helped me see that I was trapped in resistance. I guess the fact that I’d been stuck most of my life meant I wasn’t aware of it.  When I began to notice resistance I felt it everywhere in me, towards everything.  No wonder I couldn’t get anywhere. When I learned how to let it go that’s when things got really interesting. I actually felt genuine motivation to begin writing and I kept going, as opposed to stopping after a few weeks. It took a while to learn the ins and outs of publishing but I’m happy to say my third book has just been published and I’m on my way to letting the day job go.  Thank you for shining a light on my path.


When I started working with Fiona I was between a rock and a hard place. It was either keep working and lose my marriage or find out if there was anything left on the other side of letting my job go. It was way past the date I’d promised my wife I’d retire and she was getting more and more demanding and critical. I chose to work with Fiona because I felt I was at an important juncture and I liked her ability to relate issues with ideas I’ve found helpful about meditation and cultivating awareness. Things didn’t all shift at once but once I started to see through my ‘should’ beliefs the way to change gears in my job began to open up. It wasn’t so much that I had to make decisions, it was as though decisions started to resolve themselves. Now I have a plan to reduce my hours and I might just step away completely, but more than this I feel layers of heavy expectations and demands have dropped away and for the first time in a long time I’m excited about what is opening up and will evolve going forward.


About Fiona

fiona_headshot_lgIt would be fair to say that I lived most of the first half of my life in resistance. Not that I was aware of that at the time. But my goodness, when I learned to recognize and release the presence of resistance I loved the way obstacles within me that generated struggle melted away. Leaving me with energy to devote to creative endeavors. Not only that, taking action in the world became much more spontaneous and fun. 

As with all my courses this course combines insights from being a life long student of psychology, spirituality and consciousness. My teachings are free of ideology and are inclusive of the truth at the heart of all traditions and lineages. 

I’d love to share my insights with so that you can open to and embrace your innate capacity to act, create, manifest and generate experiences free of resistance characterized with ease, enjoyment and effortless-ness.  If this series resonates with you I hope you’ll join us.

Love, Fiona