There is no shortage of problems. They live on the inside of us, as emotional upset, mental stress or physical pain, and they live in the outer reaches of our life as relationship challenges, financial worries or global issues.

The real problem, though, is believing problems are wrong or undesirable.

When this belief is alive in us, we tend to try to deny, change, fix or get rid of our problem. As a result we can end up going down many winding paths, looking for a solution. Some paths might help, but many will end in a ditch.

Healing happens when you swap making your problems bad or wrong, for being curious about what they are pointing to. This shift in consciousness turns on your inner beam of spiritual sight and, just like a flash light can help you see into the dark, you begin to sense, see and know what steps to take to become fully alive; healthy, content, purposeful and happy as a human.

The notion that your anxiety, illness, financial worry or stress is a key that unlocks your higher potential may be familiar to you. Or, it maybe new, or not yet tested.

Either way; if you’re curious to learn more pop over to a recent interview I gave for Autoimmune Adventures (you might remember I interviewed Julie Stiles, founder of Autoimmune Adventures, a few weeks ago).

The interview offers insights into how healing happens, whether you have an autoimmune condition or not.

In my conversation with Julie, we explore:

  • How making illness, wrong or bad undermines healing happening.
  • The difference between healing and curing.
  • What true happiness is.
  • How love is the ultimate healer.

You can listen here.

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