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Fine Tune Your Intuition

Thursday, June 28th

12 noon Pacific/3pm Eastern/8pm UK

Life is full of questions, isn’t it?

Do you stay or leave your job, relationship, home town? Do you go for treatment A or B? Is it time to talk about that issue with your partner, child, mother?

Questions like these could send us down a rabbit hole trying to figure out the ‘right’ answer.

But what if the only question we ever face is; are we choosing from fear or love?

To put it another way; are you following your habitual, conditioned thoughts or are you listening to your heart?

Choices made from the voice of conditioning (ego) are founded on separation and fear. Whereas choices directed by our heart come from love and wisdom.

Our heart acts like a compass. It’s tuned to an understanding of who we really are and what’s possible for us when we understand our limitless nature.

It directs us by intuition – our inner teacher, inner knowing or sixth sense.

When intuition guides us our choices align our gifts, relationships, health and lifestyle with what resonates and nourishes us at a soul level.  

Do you have confidence in your intuition?

You might be aware of intuition but don’t trust it, or you might want to develop a deeper connection with intuition.

In this class we’ll explore how to connect with intution and how to trust intuition

I’ll share examples of the signals that come from intuition versus the conditioned mind to navigate career, health, relationships and lifestyle.

When we navigate by intuition:

  • We are ‘lived’ by life instead of trying to control life
  • Our decisions are in integrity with our true self
  • Our choices are imbued with compassion, creativity and clarity
  • Fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice drops away
  • Physical and emotional challenges become opportunities for increased awareness to accelerate healing
  • Our choices and actions serve the whole, not the limited viewpoint of the ego

This is a two part online class. Attend from anywhere.

Part One: Thursday, June 28th. Live 90 minute teaching call and Q and A.

Part Two: Thursday, July, 5th. Live 60 minute integration call to develop and anchor insights gained in the part one. Q and A and live mentoring.

Register to receive:

  • Access to live class and integration session
  • Video and audio recordings of the event
  • Opportunity to ask questions and have mentoring support/guidance

If you’re not able to join the class live you’ll receive recordings.

To register click the register button below. You’ll be taken to a payment page and will receive an Email with joining instructions to confirm your place.

 Your Inner Compass



The masterclass will benefit:

Anyone who struggles with:

  • Decision making
  • Over-thinking
  • Being in their ‘head’ too much
  • Feeling overwhelmed by choices and creative ideas 
  • Wellbeing practitioners, coaches and therapists who want to deepen their understanding of how mind and consciousness work together to align our life with our true self

What attendees of previous classes have said….

When I listened to Fiona’s masterclass something inside me felt like it woke up. It felt both astonishing and deeply true. The fact of my innate wellbeing and healing intelligence somehow came alive in me. Not as a concept but in a way that felt electric and tremendously hopeful. I love the clarity of Fiona’s way of sharing, it speaks so clearly to my deeper knowing. ~ Lynne

The understanding that Fiona shared in her masterclass was totally new to me but I took it in and found it very releasing. Previously I didn’t feel good about myself. I was always thinking that I wasn’t enough and held back from owning my gifts and exploring what I loved. In the class I had a huge insight that I was trapped in an expectation of failure and the moment I saw this I knew it had dissolved. I literally felt the shift in my body. ~ Joy

Fiona’s class had a profound effect on me. I shared about a state of mind I’d been experiencing where tears came very easily. Fiona’s response instantly agreed with my inner experience that I had lacked the words for. She invited me to open it as an awakening and in that instant my being shifted into a state of permission that allowed stored emotion and energy to surface along with fresh insights in a comletely effortless way. I’m very grateful for this new, more open, way of being. ~ Linda


fiona_headshot_lgFiona shares a simple yet profound understanding of the principles that govern healing, creativity, inspired living and wellbeing. She has studied the intersection of psychology, spirituality and consciousness with leading teachers and has worked in schools, prisons, hospitals and addiction centers. Her work points to our true nature as love and wisdom that guides andheals the mind and body, liberates creativity, dissolves suffering and changes our world for the better.