The pathway to an inspired life

An inspired life happens when you live from your true potential. It’s radically different than living a repeat of your past, or living from limited beliefs about yourself.

When you live from inspiration you wake up your innate wisdom, healing potential and joy. And when you find that peace and contentment are inside you, all the time, this free’s you up to create a life, business or career that serves not just yourself, but serves and awakens others.  A life that changes your world and our world for the better. Not by being heroic, but by being yourself.

All human beings have the potential to wake up. But sometimes personal struggle gets in the way. When you’re stuck, confused, facing depression, anxiety or illness, you can’t see your way forward clearly.

There are also times when you reach a plateau. When you’ve achieved success, or a level of spiritual understanding, but feel empty and disappointed.

The call to awakenlandscape

Awakening to your true self is not about solving problems or fixing you in some way. It’s not about learning another self help technique or spiritual discipline.

Awakeing begins the moment you realize that struggles are an invitation.

To discover a new understanding of how life works.

And with this understanding; to take a fresh look at yourself and the possibilities your life holds.

Sometimes the call is subtle. A persistent feeling that there’s more to life. At other times it can feel like being hit over the head.

Any one of these could be Life’s invitation to discover who you really are, and capable of creating.

  • Illness or unresolved emotional pain is wearing you down.
  • You feel drained of energy.
  • You’re restless – you know something is shifting in you but don’t know how to engage the movement.
  • You’re a ‘way shower’ for others, but can’t see your own way forward.
  • Old ways of being and doing don’t seem to work any more.
  • You feel unloved and unappreciated.
  • You’re tired of trying to improve, or fix your life, your body, or yourself.
  • You’d like to fulfill your purpose….but what the heck is that?
  • You feel spiritually dis-connected, you’re frustrated with endless seeking.
  • You’ve created success but want to contribute your gifts in a more meaningful way.

sunflowerWhat happens when you awaken?

Is surprising and delightful.

Like finding the key to hidden treasures. You discover how challenges are the catalyst and fuel to transform your life.

Emotional and physical healing happen, not by heavy digging or complex treatments. Spiritual connection happens naturally without needing to meditate for years. Transformation happens by a shift in consciousness.



I tell my friends that working with Fiona is a bit like having rocket fuel for your journey. It’s remarkable what has shifted and changed since I first worked with her. I’d had a successful international career as a ceramic artist but my job was literally making me sick. I needed to make a significant life transition, but was scared. I’d studied QiGong for years and wanted to teach, but leaving my career felt like walking off a cliff. Fiona was like a rock and a beacon. Her healing support literally saved my life. I released painful memories that were holding me back, physically and emotionally, and gained a level of trust in myself which catapulted me into a whole new life. I now lead QiGong retreats in China, and teach in the UK. None of this seemed possible before working with Fiona. Life is good.


In our conversations your understanding of how life works radically deepens. Instead of an intellectual idea of life, you experience a direct connection with your innate wellbeing, clarity and inspiration.

As you ground your understanding you live more and more from inner guidance, insight and intuition.

You begin to live in a higher level of consciousness. Your vitality and enthusiam for being alive increases. Life will feel like it’s on your side (because it is). You create what genuinely fulfills and satisfies you. And because you live from inspiration. How you show up in life, and what you create, not only brings you joy but also uplifts others.

Best of all, you begin to enjoy being you. You have clarity about what feels right to you. You approach situations, projects and possibilities with certainty and trust. In short, you create an extra-ordinary life


Before working with Fiona I’d been a spiritual seeker for years. I almost laugh now at how much I put myself under pressure. I’ve become more grounded and conscious in six months than I was in over twenty years with various spiritual teachers and programs. I used to feel trapped by guilt in my relationship with my sons, but now, not only am I finding a new voice, but my sons are also showing up with much more maturity and kindness. It’s as though the new clarity in me has caused a shift in them. I feel this inner contentment which I know is the real thing. I’m no longer trying to find my way out of pain, I’m being me and it feels so liberating.



My life had been in flux for so many years. I was missing that essential feeling of being grounded. I’d damaged my coccyx in childbirth, and it was as though my lower body had been frozen ever since. I’d tried all kinds of body work but nothing helped. In one conversation with Fiona I felt energy running up my spine. Within days I was more mobile than I’d been for years. That was remarkable in itself.

But the transformation didn’t stop there. As I began to understand how my state of mind impacted my clarity I began to see how my desire to be a freelance writer, always struggling to make ends meet, was feeding my insecurity. It became obvious that I needed to find a job. Although I hadn’t been in the traditional field for over ten years I immediately found one, and received the pay I needed to feel valued and secure. I’m now interviewing for a better job, less than two months after accepting the first. I’m starting to understand what living in the flow actually is.

Fiona helped me to reconnect to my inner knowing that I’m safe and all-is-well. I’m not in that place all the time, but I’ve come to know how I can access it. I’m now certain that Life is on my side. It’s a wonderful feeling.


What do I bring as a mentor?

It’s possible to struggle along on your own, going round in circles, or believe that you’ve ‘arrived’ only to find that you’re right back where you started.

This is when having a personal guide and mentor is the difference that makes the difference.

When you gain an understanding of the principles behind life. Issues you may have spent years tying to solve in therapy, healing work, or spiritual seeking clear up with surprising ease.

Over twenty years of mentoring and facilitating transformation I’ve witnessed what many would call miracles.

My clients and students have experienced; tumors dissolve, depression lift, trauma resolve, addiction drop away, spiritual dis-connect become restored, and more ….. and go on to create a business, become published writers, heal family rifts, become financially secure, build a healing practice, find their beloved, land their dream job, create a family, love thier body, find peace……and more.



Fiona has a way of focusing spiritual consciousness in such a clear, natural, and coherent way that everything she examines is infused and refined with clear perception. This leads to inspiration and healing. She has a lovely and unassuming persona. It would be easy to miss her remarkable qualities, but go meet with her. I think your life will not be the same again.



My work with Fiona has affected everything about my life. I used to spend much of my time focused on the past, unable to move past old hurts and disappointments. In working with Fiona I let go of regrets, guilt and unforgiveness towards myself. Fiona has this wonderful ability to point to the core of myself that’s always peaceful. I’ve found a stillness and a spaciousness inside which has transformed my life. I’ve been able to create new healthy relationships and heal old ones at a whole new level. And my voice as a writer and artist has been growing stronger as I’ve transformed.


Inevitable consequences of awakening.

You connect with, and trust, your intuition. Become clear about the difference between old, limited thinking and your higher soul-inspired thoughts.

You live from higher states of consciousness which help you navigate life with greater insight and clarity.

You become a conscious presence that is a catalyst for others to ‘wake up’.

How we can work together

Option 1: Awaken your heart and higher purpose

We’ll have twelve hour long conversations over six months.  Our conversations may seem like ordinary conversations. You’ll tell me what’s going on in your life, what you’re struggling with, and what you want to achieve and create. But as we talk I’ll point you in the direction of your deeper wisdom that is always available to you as insight, healing and inspiration.

When you see your life through insight problem’s dissolve and resolve all by themselves. Not by pushing or trying. And your way forward is revealed through common sense and inspired actions.

Issues and blocks dissolve often with remarkable speed. If you have a physical illness transformation may happen more slowly, but the shift from stuggle to ‘being in the flow’ happens regardless.

You’ll begin to recognize that you’re being ‘lived’ by the intelligence behind Life. Which moves you towards physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

You’ll experience vitality that comes from being in a higher state of consciousness. And feel joy and peace well up inside you independent on what’s happening or not happening in your life. This aliveness increases your capacity to create what you want and love.

Our conversations are recorded and I’ll encourage you to listen them again because you’ll hear things you didn’t hear the first time.

Guided explorations. You’ll have access to a library of short recorded guided explorations in consciousness. These increase your awareness of how your experience is created via spiritual energy, consciousness and thought.

Simple assignments. I’ll suggest some simple, practical assignments. To build your confidence and ability to tap into, and trust, your inner knowing and guidance.

Energetic Healing. You’ll find that as you develop an understanding of the spiritual principles behind life your own abiliy to resolve physical health issues and emotional trauma increases. If you have chronic illness or struggle with emotional trauma I will offer energetic healing as part of our work together. Energetic healing works equally well in-person or through distant healing.

Email support between sessions.Your experience between sessions is just as important as our time in conversation because you apply what you’re learning in your daily life. Email check-ins are a way to fine tune and adjust your course as you go. You have priority access to me by email between sessions. Clients frequently tell me that timely email conversation help create unexpected and liberating outcomes.

Rate: 6 monthly payments of $450.00

If it’s not the right time to make a commitment to six months together, the time frame can be tailored to your needs.

Option 2: Breakthrough That!

This option is for when:

  • You have a single issue that you’d like clarity on. Something that’s bothering you and you’ve been thinking; “If I knew what to do then I’d be back in the flow again.”
  • A decision that’s significant and life changing like: whether to have surgery or not, whether to leave a job to do what really calls to you, or whether to stay in a relationship or not.

 It consists of:

  • An intial ‘starter’ conversation.
  • A deep dive conversation over 2.5 hours. We’ll take breaks as we go.
  • One follow up conversations
  • Mp3 recording of the conversations.
  • Email support for one month.

Rate: $650.00

What to do next

The next thing is do is for us to have an informal chat – just to understand what you’re facing and what you hope to gain from mentoring.

Some people are clear that they want to work with me, but I won’t expect you to make a choice on the phone if more time is needed.

It may be that one of these programs is a good fit, or I might recommend another resource, or source of support.

Fill out the contact form below. I’ll get back to you in the next 24-48 hours to arrange a time to meet.

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