Heal and inspire your life

What is an inspired life?

An inspired life is the feeling of being lived from our highest potential. 

It happens when we remember who we really are – an infinite flow of wellbeing, wisdom, clarity, joy and creativity.

A conscious connection with our true self is experienced as peace, joy and wellbeing. When we rest into our true nature healing is natural.

The call to awakenlandscape

Every life event including illness, anxiety, depression, confusion and self doubt is a catalyst to awaken and heal.

Sometimes the call is subtle. A persistent feeling that there’s more to life. At other times it can feel like being hit over the head.

Any one of these could be Life’s invitation to discover who you really are:



  • Emotional distress
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Serious illness
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling restless – you know something needs to change but don’t know how to move forward
  • Old ways of being and doing don’t work any more
  • Feeling unloved and unappreciated
  • You’re tired of trying to improve, or fix your life, your body, or yourself
  • Feeling you need purpose and a new direction
  • Feeling spiritually disconnected

sunflowerHow does healing and awakening happen?

Healing and awakening does not require analysis, digging into the past, problem solving, spiritual ‘work’ or self help techniques.

When we open up to insights about who we really are we create shifts in consciousness.

Shifts in consciousness open up new possibilites for our health, wellbeing, livelihood and relationships.


I tell my friends that working with Fiona is a bit like having rocket fuel for your journey. I’d had a successful international career as a ceramic artist but my job was literally making me sick. I needed to make a significant life transition but was scared. I’d studied QiGong for years and wanted to teach but leaving my career felt like walking off a cliff. Fiona was like a rock and a beacon. The understanding she shares and her guidance literally saved my life. As I released painful memories my body began to heal and I gained a new level of trust in my in myself which catapulted me into a whole new life. I now lead QiGong retreats in China and teach in the UK. These changes are remarkable to me. none of this seemed possible before gaining the understanding I now have since working with Fiona.


How do sessions work?

In our work together we’ll have a series of conversations designed to open your intuitive understanding of who you are beyond your conditioning, personality, personal history and diagnosis.

As your understanding of who you really are deepens your capacity for insight and inner guidance comes alive.

By following your inner knowing your vitality and enthusiam for being alive increases. Life begins to feel like it’s on your side. Opportunities begin to open up that were previously unavailable.

Physical and emotional healing happens as a consequence of this shift in consciousness. Sometimes healing happens all by itself and sometimes by making choices for treatment and support. Crucially these choices are not based on fear and anxiety, they are based on intution and inner knowing.

You are fueled by your highest potential which flows joy, creativity and love. 

Best of all, you enjoy being you. You have clarity about what feels right for you. You approach situations, projects and possibilities with certainty and trust. 


Before working with Fiona I’d been a seeker for years. I almost laugh now at how much I used to put myself under pressure. I used to feel trapped by chronic physical pain and guilt in my relationship with my sons. In my work with Fiona I began to see through my thinking about my family not only found my voice but my sons began showing up with more maturity and kindness. As these changes happened my body began to respond better to therapy and bodywork.  The clarity in me about who I really am caused a healing shift not just in my body but in my life in general. I feel an inner contentment which I know is the real thing. I’m no longer trying to find my way out of pain I’m being me and it feels really liberating.



My life had been in flux for so many years. I was missing an essential feeling of being present and grounded. I’d damaged my coccyx in childbirth, it was as though my lower body had been frozen ever since. I’d tried all kinds of body work but nothing helped. In one conversation with Fiona I felt energy running up my spine. Within days I was more mobile than I’d been for years. That was remarkable in itself.

But the transformation didn’t stop there. As I began to understand how my state of mind impacted my clarity I began to see how my desire to be a freelance writer, always struggling to make ends meet, was feeding my insecurity. It became obvious that I needed to find a job. Although I hadn’t been in the traditional field for over ten years I immediately found one, and received the pay I needed to feel valued and secure. I’m now interviewing for a better job, less than two months after accepting the first. I’m starting to understand what living in the flow actually is.

Fiona helped me to reconnect to my inner knowing that I’m safe and all-is-well. I’m not in that place all the time, but I’ve come to know how I can access it. I’m now certain that Life is on my side. It’s a wonderful feeling.


What do I bring as a mentor?

There are times when having a personal guide and mentor is the only way to make progress. I know this personally having benefitted from the guidance and support of many wonderful mentors and teachers.

My clients and students experience deep peace and joy as they wake up to their true self.  

From a place of clarity and understanding depression lifts, anxiety and addiction drop away, cancer tumors dissolve, spiritual connection is restored, trauma and grief dissolve, relationship challenges resolve and a sense of deep purpose and happiness settles in.

Fiona has a way of focusing spiritual consciousness in such a clear, natural, and coherent way that everything she examines is infused and refined with clear perception. This leads to inspiration and healing. She has a lovely and unassuming persona. It would be easy to miss her remarkable qualities, but go meet with her. I think your life will not be the same again.


My work with Fiona has affected everything about my life. I used to spend much of my time focused on the past, unable to move past old hurts and disappointments. In working with Fiona I let go of regrets, guilt and unforgiveness towards myself. Fiona has this wonderful ability to point to the core of myself that’s always peaceful. I’ve found a stillness and a spaciousness inside which has transformed my life. I’ve been able to create new healthy relationships and heal old ones at a whole new level. And my voice as a writer and artist has been growing stronger as I’ve transformed.


Inevitable consequences of awakening:

You connect with, and trust, your inner kowing and intuition.

Become clear about the difference between old, limited thinking and your higher inspired thoughts.

You live from an understanding of who you really are which helps you navigate life with clarity and purpose.

You become a conscious presence that is a catalyst for others to ‘wake up’.

Options for working together

 Three Session Option

We’ll focus on your awakening. From here we’ll help you maintain your new perspective on life and bring clarity to issues in your life.

We’ll meet for three sessions.  The first will be for 75 minutes with two fourty-five minute follow up sessions.

Having several weekly sessions offers support and guidance to help dissolve beliefs and ideas that obscure the clarity and awareness your true nature. 

If you’d like to set up these sessions please fill out the form below. Once I receive it I’ll get back to you to schedule the first session.

Rate: $350.00


Option 2: Awaken and Heal Mentoring Program

A six month long program for deep transformation and healing. 

We’ll have a series of twelve conversations designed to awaken to your true self.  The program is tailored to your specific situation, purpose and potential.

When your understanding of who you really are deepens clarity about actions to take for healing and living a life with purpose arises naturally.

You’ll discover how problem’s dissolve and resolve all by themselves. Not by pushing or trying. 

If you have physical illness transformation may happen surprisingly quickly or unfold slowly. Either way you experience a shift from struggle and distress to being at peace.

You’ll begin to recognize that you’re ‘lived’ by the intelligence behind Life which moves you towards purpose, happiness, wellbeing and love.

This aliveness increases your capacity to create what you want and love.

What’s included:

Mentoring sessions. Twelve sixty minute long mentoring sessions. Recordings are available for listening back.

Energetic Healing. I offer energetic healing as part of our work together when it’s clear that energy work would be helpful. Energetic healing works equally well in-person or through distant healing.

Email support.Your experience between sessions is just as important as our time in conversation. Email check-ins are a way to fine tune and adjust your course as you go. 

Rate: Sliding scale $350 – $450.00 per month.


What to do next

Fill out the contact form below.

If you’re wanting the 3 Session option I’ll get back to you with times to meet for the first session.

If you’re interested in Awaken your Heart 6 month option I’ll get to you with times to meet for an informal chat to find out a bit more about your situation and what you’d like from mentoring.