Life invites us to wake up. To remember who we really are and express our true self.

When we understand our true self an infinite flow of happiness, wholeness, peace, clarity and creativity wells up.


The call to awakenlandscape


Sometimes the call is a subtle persistent feeling that there’s more to life. Sometimes the call arrives like a curve ball.


Life’s invitation to wake up comes in the form of:


Desire to know the truth

Anxiety, depression, guilt, anger


Feeling stuck

Feeling unloved and unappreciated


Confusion about purpose and direction

Spiritual disconnection



No ‘fixing’ required

The recognition of our true nature is not the result of analysis, digging into the past, problem solving, spiritual ‘work’ or self help techniques.

We are already awake. 

What’s on offer is to be conscious of the infinite awake-consciousness we already are.

How does mentoring work?

We’ll have a series of conversations that gently question beliefs, and conditioned thinking.

As you begin to see through habitual thoughts your understanding of who you really are deepens and inner guidance/intuition comes alive.

As suffering drops away and your understanding of your true nature emerges, the experience of ‘being lived’ by Life arises. Opportunities open up that were previously unavailable. Your gifts and interests become an expression of Love.

Physical and emotional healing happens as the light of your being becomes revealed. Sometimes healing happens all by itself. If treatment choices are needed they become guided by clarity and intuition, not fear and anxiety.

Typically we’ll explore:
– Who you are as Consciousness/Awareness/Love.
– How physical and emotional healing happens.
– Where peace, love and joy come from.
– How to become a clear expression of Love.

If you work as a life coach, counselor, therapist, healer, facilitator or in the creative field as an artist or writer we’ll explore:

– How to facilitate others to understand their true nature through your work.
– The creative process.
– The difference between a ‘fix’ it approach to life and a conscious approach.
– Practical matters such as marketing, boundaries, systems, business/organizational/relationship dynamics.

Options for working together

1. Three Sessions

We’ll focus on awakening to the peace, clarity and love of your true nature.

If you have a specific challenge or area of confusion our work will clarify what’s real and authentic and and what’s not.

3 x 60 minute sessions. Recordings available for listening back.

Rate: Sliding scale $450 – $600

To set up sessions, fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you to schedule your first session.


2: Awaken and Heal: 3 or 6 month Mentoring Program

The program is designed to awaken and integrate the understanding of who you really are into your daily life. As your understanding consolidates happiness (for no reason), perspective, compassion, kindness, clarity and creative potential flow into your life and become your predominant experience.

If you work as a life coach, counselor therapist, facilitator, healer or creative we’ll explore how to bring your understanding into your work.

2 x 60 minute sessions per month. Recordings available for listening back.

Membership of my monthly Awakening Circle online group (attendance optional).

Energy Healing. Option for energy healing when it’s clear that energy work would be helpful.

Email support. Email check-ins to fine tune understanding as you go.

Rate: Sliding scale $300 – $400 per month

To request mentoring, fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you to schedule an initial chat to find out about your situation and focus.

Request for mentoring

Fill out the contact form below. I’ll get back to you about getting started. 


I’d had a successful international career as a ceramic artist but my job was literally making me sick. I knew I was being called to make a big life transition but was scared. I’d studied QiGong for years and wanted to teach but leaving my career felt like walking off a cliff. Fiona was a rock and a beacon. The understanding she shares literally saved my life. Painful memories released and my body began to heal. I gained a new level of trust in Life which catapulted me forward. I now lead QiGong retreats in China and teach in the UK. What previously seemed impossible fell into place.

I was missing an essential feeling of being present and connected. I’d damaged my spine in childbirth, it was as though my lower body had been frozen ever since. I’d tried all kinds of body work but nothing helped. In one conversation with Fiona I felt energy running up my spine. Within days I was more mobile than I’d been for years.

As I began to understand my nature I began to see how my desire to be a freelance writer, always struggling to make ends meet, fed insecurity. It became obvious to find a job. Although I hadn’t been in the traditional field for over ten years I immediately found a good position. I’m starting to understand what living in the flow actually is.

Fiona helped me to reconnect to my inner knowing that I’m safe and all-is-well. I’m not in that place all the time, but I’ve come to know that Life is on my side.

Fiona focuses spiritual consciousness in a clear and coherent way so that everything she examines is infused and refined with clear perception. This leads to inspiration and healing. She has a lovely and unassuming persona. It would be easy to miss her remarkable qualities, but go meet with her. I think you will not be the same again. 

I laugh now at how much I used to put myself under pressure. I was a constant seeker. I felt trapped by chronic physical pain and guilt in my relationship with my sons. But as I explored who I am I began to see through my thinking and changes I’d longed for began to resolve by themselves. My sons began showing up with more maturity and kindness and my body responded better to therapy and bodywork. I experience an inner contentment which I know is the real thing. I’m no longer trying to find my way out of pain I’m being me which is liberating.

I used to spend much of my time focused on the past unable to move past old hurts and disappointments. As Fiona pointed to the core of myself that’s always peaceful, guilt and blame dropped away. I experience a stillness and a spaciousness which is constant and reliable. Old relationships are healing and new ones opening up at a whole new level. My voice as a writer and artist is growing stronger and recognition is simply happening.

Fiona is incredibly skilled at walking people through their inner healing working and at the same time holds space so that the understanding of who we really are is completely coherent and applicable to every area of life. Since working with her career opportunities have opened up, not by trying or pushing, which put me at the leading edge of my field.