Re-Awaken Your Inner Light

Boost your energy, wellbeing and conscious purpose


Rapid changes and uncertainties around the globe in have brought waves of insecurity,  loss and fear.

Many people have come to me stressed AND feeling an urgency to…. live their true purpose…. have more authentic relationships….shift from ‘fixing’ their health to healing…..refine their spiritual practice to open to freedom and peace.

I’m not surprised. Times of challenge offer the greatest opportunity to break-though to a more conscious way of being and living. To serve and uplift your life and our world.

How do you transform and evolve beyond limitations, fear and habits?


Join me for a free webinar to boost your inner light 

We’ll cover three key aspects of transformation

  • How to access subtle energy at your cellular level for healing and expanded awareness of your true Self
  • How to transform thinking and feeling to serve your true purpose
  • How to integrate new possibilities for your life and our world into your reality


  • A guided meditation
  • Reflection/teaching
  • Questions and Answers
  • Sharing

About Fiona


In early childhood I knew that we’re here to wake up and express the love and peace of our true Self. 

This drew me to study with some of the worlds most respected teachers in the fields of spirituality, psychology, healing, consciousness and transformation.

If you’re like me, healing and awakening is not a smooth path. It involves deep honesty to name what doesn’t align with your heart, and willingness to open to possibilities that test your faith in yourself and Life. 

I’ve shared my understanding for over twenty five years. And it has only become clearer that at our core we are Love. And now, more than ever, our world needs us to express the love, peace and potential of our true Self.

Details and How to Join


The live webinar is on Saturday, June 26th at 11.00 am Pacific, 2.00pm Eastern, 7.00pm UK. It’ll last around 75 minutes.


Online on Zoom. Join us by laptop, tablet or phone. 


Everyone who registers will receive a video recording of the event.

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