Webinar: Enjoy Being You

For when you’re tired of trying to ‘fix’ or ‘enlighten’ yourself to finally be happy.


Today’s culture bombards us with ideals about how we should feel and live to be a happy human.

If happiness escapes us thousands of self improvement techniques and therapeutic approaches claim to hold the key to happiness. And a multitude of spiritual practices appear to promise enlightenment.

Sadly, many people find themselves on a treadmill of self improvement or spiritual seeking and end up unhappy and dissatisfied.

My own attempts to ‘fix’ myself and exploration of spiritual practice crystallized my understanding of how simple and ordinary happiness is. 

I’d like to share a key insight about how accessible and natural happiness and peace is.  In this webinar I’ll describe a potentially life changing perspective and then we’ll explore a few questions. 

Two kinds of happiness:

The happiness of temporary pleasure.

Reach for substitutes; food, exercise, alcohol, drugs, sex. Try harder and harder fix, heal or enlighten ‘me’.

The happiness that leads to peace.

Turn within. Investigate; who is this ‘me’ I believe is unhappy or broken? Is this ‘me’ real or made up by thoughts and beliefs? Is it possible to make a made up ‘me’ happy.

JOIN me for this free webinar: Enjoy Being You.

We’ll explore:

  • The difference between the mind made self called ‘me’ and the true self.
  • The shift from trying to make a mind made ‘me’ happy to resting in the peace, happiness and potential of who you really are.

The details.


Tuesday, May 31st.  11am Pacific. 2pm Eastern. 7pm UK time.

We’ll meet on Zoom.  Online or dial in. 


Everyone who registers will get access to a video and audio recording of the webinar.

The course.

I’ll take a couple minutes, and I mean just a couple, to mention my upcoming Awaken Your Heart Course which offers a comprehensive exploration of the truth of who you are.

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About Fiona

fiona_headshot_lg Fiona mentors and guides people to uncover the peace, love, happiness, wholeness and potential at the heart of their being. She has studied with some of the worlds most respected spiritual teachers, coaches and healers and worked in the fields of education, social work, criminal justice and addictions before opening her own practice in 1995.