It didn’t take much for me, as a 6 year old, to dive for cover behind the sofa. The theme tune for the popular TV science fiction soap, Dr Who, had me quivering every time. After watching many episodes, and living to tell the tale, my then small brain knew that my fear was unfounded, but my body reactions were impossible to ignore.

To be fair, I was young, and I was being human. We enter the world already programmed to avoid what we believe is a threat to our survival. This ancient conditioning grows out of the deep belief that our body is a solid, separate object, which needs protecting.

As spiritual beings, however, we hold the potential to wake up to the understanding that, at the level of our essence, we are infinite vast intelligence, existing as light and energy, not bound by the shape of our body.

Today’s Heart Notes delves into a few scary things to uncover this deeper reality.

Braving the dark

Over the past few weeks it seems that my entire local community, both young and older, has been getting ready for Halloween. Here in the northern hemisphere this celebration stands at the threshold of winter – when daily hours of darkness begin to outnumber the hours of light. Many cultures remember the dead at this time, with traditions of lighting candles or fires.

While it may seem strange to go about in the dark dressed in ghost like costumes; the laughter, squeals and squirming of door to door trick or treating is, in essence, a harmless way to face something that appears fearful, and to prompt the discovery that underneath lies a deeper truth. That in the heart of fear, or darkness, exists a safe and welcoming light, called home.

When the veil is thin

Many people sense that at this time of year the apparent separation between the physical world, and the non physical world of pure spirit is less tangible.

John O’Donohue, the Irish poet and mystic, described this phenomena as a “thin place”, where the veil between heaven and earth lifts. Allowing for the possibility of connecting with the realm of spirit, to sense the subtle light that guides our collective awakening.

If you enjoy dressing up in Halloween costume, and carving pumpkins to light up when darkness falls, you’re joining a flow of tradition, which carries a deeper wisdom, pointing to the reality that life exists in many forms, both physical and non physical. You’re helping to open the possibility of connecting consciously with all levels of life’s intelligence; both seen and unseen.

Whatever Halloween tradition you enjoy – know that you’re nurturing the awakening of your subtle inner senses that allow you to sense and live from the light of your essence. That aspect of your being that knows you are light, and love, in human form, on a journey home to re-unite with the infinite light of the Source of life.


A dear friend and colleague, Dr Karen Wyatt, is holding a 3-day educational online event to encourage conversation about all aspects of death and dying. The event takes place November 13-16 and includes:

  • Interviews with 30 expert speakers which can be accessed at any time throughout the event.
  • 4 feature interviews with special guests (including Eben Alexander MD, author of “Proof of Heaven”)
  • 3 virtual death cafes where you can join the conversation and share your thoughts and stories.

The more we face what we fear, the more the power of our intelligence as love flows in our life an in our world.

If you feel uneasy or uninformed about death and dying, I encourage you to take a look at Karen’s event and sign up to join an enlightening conversation. Learn more and register at

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