I glanced down at the first items on my list.


Easy enough.

But what happened next floored me.

Instead of circulating the produce section I stepped into Star Treks’ tele-transporter and landed smack bang in the middle of the bread section where the smell of freshly baked loaves and cakes turned me into a salivating wreck.

That was 20 years ago.

I’d decided to quit wheat products. Not because of a gluten intolerance but because I’d noticed that my diet consisted of wheat, wheat and more wheat.

I’d eat croissants for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner. It was time for change.

More than tinkering with food groups my intuition told me I needed to understand the emotional ties I had with food.

The exploration that followed was one of the most fascinating, informative and transformative journeys I’ve taken.

I’m not a food expert but I now understand and feel how food affects my mood, biochemistry and nervous system.

The guidance of someone who understands not just nutrition. But who can speak intelligently about how to disentangle the emotional traps that we get into around food is critical. If you’re serious about living a conscious inspired life.

One of my favorite food experts is Dana Leigh Lyons. Dana is a wizz at explaining how food – especially sugar – affects physical and emotional health.

I asked Dana if I could feature her blog about food and pleasure. It’s an entertaining and highly relevant read if you tend to eat more than you know is good for you.

Read Dana’s post here.

On my food odyssey my eyes popped when I discovered that some carbohydrates are biochemically more addictive others. And are even linked to depression. These insights changed the way I relate food and life.

The smell of freshly baked bread in the supermarket is no longer an unconscious magnet. I stopped reaching for quick fix carbs long ago.

I’m now aware of what foods support me emotionally, physically and energetically. And I have a love affair with preparing and eating my meals.

We need to eat to live. But if your relationship to food is bound up with emotions. Your potential to fulfill your deepest desires is kept captive.

Read what Dana say’s about how food can be a healthy lasting pleasure.


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