Do you feel there’s more to life? That you’ve not yet found your place, or fulfilled what you’re here for?

Maybe there’s a book in you, a healing project, business, space for a relationship, or something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Whatever it is, you want to feel happier than you do and, (this is important to you), you want to help make our world a better place.

I call this the ‘waking up’ impulse. The ‘call’ to live with the consciousness of your soul. To create the change you want to see in the world. In how you live, work and play.

The thing is, many of us who feel this impulse also face an obstacle or two. You might feel stuck. Anxious. Confused or frustrated. Maybe you’re fighting illness or relationship tangles.

No one wishes suffering on themselves. But what I’ve come to see is that obstacles are ‘secret teachers’. They show us where our potential lies hidden, and how to unlock it.

This is an unusual perspective. It’s different from the ‘fix it’, ‘cure it’, ‘push though it’ approach that most of us are taught, or try.

A discovery conversation is an opportunity to have a 180 degree moment. Meaning; if you come with an open mind, you’ll leave with an entirely different understanding about how to unravel your ‘problem’. Without needing to use strategies or techniques.

Instead you’ll discover how to tap into your own wisdom, that knows how to create what you want, and love, that serves not just you, but everyone else too.

To be clear. A discovery conversation won’t sky rocket you all the way to the completion of your dreams. But it will, if you’re open to it, help you stop going round in circles so that you can begin to make traction in the direction of what’s calling you.

How does it work?
We’ll meet on Zoom, (or Skype or phone). We’ll identify the glue that’s keeping you stuck and point you in the direction of your inner compass; the place where your wellbeing, healing, creativity and wisdom comes from. From here you’ll know the direction to go to live an inspired, enlightened and world changing life.

You’ll come away with:

1.Clarity about how you’re (unintentionally) getting in the way of your health, happiness, purpose and wellbeing.

2. New insights about how to move forward with confidence in your talents, desires and ideas.

3.Recommendations of resources to support you. And if you feel that further conversation would help, we’ll talk about options for working together.

If you’d like to live a life that satisfies your heart and your soul. Let’s meet. I’d love to talk with you. Just scroll down the page, answer a few questions, and we’ll find a time to talk.

“It’s amazing how much shifted in just one conversation. I’d been feeling really stuck in my career path and knew that I was at important juncture but just couldn’t see my way forward. Fiona holds a totally open and accepting space which is rare. As we talked it became clear how I’d been keeping myself back, emotionally, and how I was holding my creativity away from my life. It felt like Fiona had mid-wived something in me.

After we talked it dawned on me what my next steps are for an entirely new career path which combines all of my gifts. I’m now joining up the dot’s of my life and finding that a whole new path for my work is opening up. The view from where I am now is pretty inspiring. I’m more trusting and feel assured that somehow this path will unfold perfectly and effortlessly.”
Jo Morgan

“I had so many insights after my conversation with Fiona. A major insight was about my spiritual connection. I’d always known that I could connect with my higher self but I hadn’t been able to find peace in my day to day life. I seemed to have a mind that was always worried, always focusing on what I don’t want. This was overwhelming my family life and creative life.

The night after our conversation I had an incredible dream. It was like seeing the most beautiful gems and I kept thinking this is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The feeling it gave me was incredible. I felt I was seeing my soul for the first time. This is the connection I’d wanted to have. It’s with me now and I have this deep feeling that my life is going to unfold totally differently from here.”
Denise Barry

“A friend recommended that I read Fiona’s Heart Notes, and something in the way she writes struck an immediate chord inside me, I just knew I needed to talk to her. I’d seen several therapists over the past year but my health had taken a turn for the worse. I was looking for a new direction and a way to get beyond my health issues so that I could enjoy my life and put energy into the work I wanted to do.

I really felt something happened in talking with Fiona. I was amazed how much I felt resonating inside me. I ‘got it’ that I don’t need to try to fix my body. That all the time and money I’d spent on trying to get well was only making the problem worse. I saw that I’d been running scared for years and had stopped trusting myself. This in itself is a breakthrough. I know that I’ve got some learning and adjusting to do based on what I now see, but I’m for the first time in a long time I’m excited about what’s about to open up for me.”
Cathy Singleton

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