When The Bubble Bursts

Josh hopped onto the seat and grabbed the steering wheel with both hands. His excitement was palpable. He showed no sign of first time driver nerves. I managed to squeeze into the seat next to him. It was, after all, designed for children. With a jolt the open-topped...

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The Missing Link

"What's wrong with me?" "Why can't I .......'"(fill in the blank). What fills the blank starts out harmless; juggle, crack an egg with one hand, curl my tongue. But then advances to; sing, dance, feel at ease at a party all the way to; stop anxiety, lose weight, get...

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The Desire To Help – Pitfalls And Potential

The desire to help is built into our design. We see it everywhere; friends gather to hug and cook for a sick beloved, strangers rush to assist in a disaster, women and men leave safety to fight for freedom. We're made for goodness, but sometimes a true desire becomes...

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When Life Gets Messy

It happens to the best of us. We end up spun out, two steps backwards. Even after years of spiritual and psychological growth we can get triggered into anger, anxiety, fear ... some familiar pattern of upset and stress. We might ask, "How the heck did I end up here...

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The Problem Of Negative People

When you look around your relationships you may find people who fall into the somewhat, or persistent, negative category. Perhaps they are depressed, critical, condescending or angry. Like plants that grow away from loud speakers blasting discordant music, it's...

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Enough Is Enough

How do we know what really matters? What's the measuring stick for 'matters most?' Being matters Philosopher, Alan Watts, wrote: "The meaning of life is just to be alive. It's so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as...

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Difficult Conversations

"I feel disconnected from my partner. We're growing apart. He believes something different to me, and I'm afraid to talk about it because I don't want to have a difficult conversation." The stand off has begun. The desire to be close is smothered by the fear of a...

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Fake It Or Be Real

"Come on, smile. It can't be that bad!" We live in a culture that pins being positive at the top of the attitude list. Be happy, be the best, capture a smiling you and post on social media to prove it. And if you don't feel on top of the world, fake it. Fake the...

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