You Are Not Broken

Person: Hey, God. God: Hi... Person: I'm falling apart. Please put me back together again. God: I'd rather not. Person: Why? God: You are not a puzzle, let alone broken. Person: What? All the pieces of my life are in disarray. God: Let what's falling apart fall apart....

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Simply. Be. You.

Q. When you say our true self is whole and complete, what do you mean? I still need things like health, food, water and money.   A: Our True Self is the absence of lack. When you become more interested in uncovering your True Self rather than believe the lie that...

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The Death Of An Angel

I tiptoe into Alan’s room. Propped up on a medical bed, morphine drip at his side, he snoozes gently. Regardless of my caution he senses my presence. “Take that worry off your face” his now open eyes say. Truth is I’ve never before sat with a dying body. His is my...

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Being Lived By Life

Are you in control of your life? 100% in control? Not sure? Take this quick quiz. Are you doing breathing? How about growing toe nails? What about cellular methylation? (BTW. You’d be v. sick without this). Truth is we’re more like oak trees than master controllers....

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You Cannot Fail

The North Star is famous for holding still while the entire northern hemisphere sky rotates around it. You, my friend, have this fame, too. The true Self you; the unconditioned-Love-pure-peace you, is always peace. Always unconditioned Love. Always the pure light of...

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Naked and Defenseless

This is a story about sensitivity. But first, do you remember the story of the Emperor's new clothes? It was about a guy who loved couture and was conned by two weavers into buying a set of 'special' clothes that only those with a discerning eye could see.  What he...

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The Solution For Insecurity

Climate change. Population overspill. Pollution. What’s to be done? How can we make ourselves safe and secure? Make money, find a knight/ess in shining armor, build a self sufficient farm? Today’s reflection explores where insecurity comes from and how to avoid it....

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Three Ego Traps

If happiness, peace and freedom appeal to you, life becomes simple. Do I see a raised eyebrow? I get it. Me too. It searched for happiness and peace until the search ended. But, hand on heart, I fall into the trap from time to time. Let's take a look at how simple...

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Live an awakened life.

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