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Free Yourself From Struggle 

Live as the Joy, Love and Freedom of your True Self

This course is about falling in love with yourself. 

It’s not about changing or fixing yourself or your life. It’s about how to wake up to who you really are.

Even a glimpse of your true Self creates a profound difference in your relationship with yourself and Life. As your true Self you experience unlimited creative potential living through you.

The things you previously chased or tried to achieve (health, wealth, lifestyle, love, success) begin to shape shift and show up beautifully. Without trying, effort, struggle or stress.

As your true Self you express and experience love, peace, clarity, joy and unbounded freedom simply by being yourSelf.

This course is for you if you:

  • Feel there’s something wrong with you that needs fixing, changing or improving.
  • Are held back by patterns and past events.
  • Experience anxiety, fear, depression or insecurity.
  • Wonder what it takes to really be happy.
  • Are weighed down by illness.
  • Find it difficult to express yourself.
  • Want to deepen your experience of being awake in life.
  • Are a healer, therapist or coach who wants to deepen your understanding.

What People Say

I spent years trying to make my life work better but didn’t get very far so I always felt I was missing out.

One of the most powerful shifts that happened was the experience of being in the present moment. Before the course I understood the concept but the experience is so different. I feel freedom in the present moment. Ideas of love and peace are also shifting into an experience. I can see that I was seeking peace all along.

I feel it’s no coincidence that since the course ended I’ve found a new job which I really enjoy and I’ve started to write which had been a long time dream.


I came to Fiona’s course depressed with an eating disorder.  The course gave me a totally different perspective.  

I had a huge ‘aha’  when I saw how the power plays in my family were just a drama, not a real thing. After that the need to try to get other peoples approval totally dropped away. I don’t know how but somehow this also led to a huge shift with my eating issue. My body has released this habit from deep inside. I feel this viscerally not just psychologically. 

I feel much more comfortable in my body. I’m less reactive and for the first time I’m getting a feel for going with the flow of life rather then trying to control it.


I’ve always been praised for my intelligence however, I always felt people who praised me weren’t actually seeing me. I think I’ve always known there was more to me than my intellect but it was never part of my culture. While I was in academia going to a higher sense or intuition was sort of beat out of me. Everything was reasoning and logic, proof and experiment. 
Being in Fiona’s presence has had such an impact. The non-word teaching through her presence, and the modeling of the truth of her words has been invaluable. In this course I found a feeling of being on the road home.

This course has been transformative. I’m feeling more alive. I had constructed a comfort zone to separate me from what could cause me harm, where fear had been the driving force. Now those walls are coming down. I’m feeling a freedom to be me. 
At the beginning of the course I would have a physical reaction to speaking up where I’d be gasping for breath at the thought that I’m talking and people are listening to me. Now I can feel a shift in my physical body.
I realize I’m connected with everything when I’m speaking my truth, I’m authentically contributing to the whole. Previously, my inner commentary would be asking “What could I say that anyone would be interested in?” Now the words flow through me more freely because I feel, and know, I am connected to the whole.

I’ve done a lot of spiritual work in the past and feel I’ve developed over the years but I feel in this course I’ve shifted into a whole new level of my life. I feel my energy has cleared and I’ve become more expanded.
I love how Fiona teaches the qualities of the heart. An amazing new relationship is has opened up with my son and his wife and I’ve made some difficult decisions around my work but it all feels right and really good. I’m left with a strong knowing that I’m connected to something larger, and my dreams, what I’ve sensed possible for me, are now transforming in the world in wonderful way.

One of the beautiful things I got from Fiona’s course is that it gave me the opportunity to become more honest with myself. I’ve regained my joie de vivre.
I no longer need to play small. I have a new comfortableness in my body which allows me to go out and participate in life more fully.
My relationship with my thinking has totally changed, I’m open to my intuitive messages and when I listen and act I find that all is right in my world.

The timing of this group was just right for me. I was ready to take a new look at myself, especially in relationships, because this has been an area of confusion and disappointment and I was open to learning something new about myself that would unlock my potential.
After the course was over I felt so much lighter no longer wearing an invisible protective layer that I hadn’t been fully aware of but was keeping me from really feeling fully. Now I’m experiencing everything more directly in my relationship with children, my family, friends. It’s wonderful. 
I feel much more relaxed. The lack of stress I feel is amazing. I’m now confident that I can involve others in my life, my business and my vision. This gives me an expansive and vibrant feeling, but grounded at the same time.


About Fiona

As a child I intuited that we are here to evolve in consciousness. I wasn’t able to put my understanding into words until much later but I was sensitive to other people’s pain and would instinctively want to help.

By the time I was a teen I was studying all I could about human consciousness. I had my nose in books about psychology, spirituality and scientific teachings about how life works. And as an adult I studied with leading teachers of healing and spiritual awakening.

During my early career I worked in schools, hospitals, prisons and addiction treatment centers where I learned to apply my understanding of healing and awakening to resolve pain and suffering.

Eventually I left conventional work settings and dedicated my life to guide and support people in deep healing work and spiritual awakening. It is an honor and delight to witness students and clients wake up to their true Self, the light of pure consciousness.