Stress is mostly viewed as a negative force in life. Something to be avoided, managed, or tolerated. 

But what if stress is an invitation to grow beyond your ideas of what you can ‘handle’? To discover your innate resilience – your ability to bounce back no matter what.

Mark Twain put it like this; “I’ve had many worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

What he pointed to is how our state of mind is the source of stress and discomfort, not the world around us.

Understanding how stress comes from stirred up thought, not from events and people around us, is the route to true mental health, clarity and security.

If you’d like to see this truth for yourself, please join me for Awaken your Innate Resilience. We’ll explore how feelings of fear, insecurity and discomfort aren’t ‘danger signs’ but rather direct reflections of scary, insecure and uncomfortable thoughts.

This is some of what we’ll cover in Awaken your Inner Resilience:

  • Discover the surprising creative potential hidden in stress that grows and strengthens your life.
  • Contemplate how the human spirit is invincible, even when you feel dispirited.
  • Learn how to be present in stressful moments to keep a clear mind and make decisions from inner wisdom.
  • Access peace of mind in all situations.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for anyone who has a desire to live from inspiration, grounded in love and wisdom.

“Fiona is the one person I have met who leads me so skillfully to my deepest self. I have so much appreciation for her.”

Lyn R.

What happens on the retreat?

Through conversation, inquiry, guided meditation and restful silence, Fiona invites you to stop trying to heal or fix yourself or life, and instead slow down to discover the astonishing flow of Grace in every moment.

When: Saturday April 29th. 1.30pm – 4.30pm.

Where: Friends Meeting House, 3311 NW Polk Ave. Corvallis.

Fee: $40 advance registration. $45.00 on the door.

The venue is a comfortable, tranquil, carpeted space. There are chairs or cushions to sit on.


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fiona_headshot_lgAbout Fiona

Fiona Moore is a teacher of personal and spiritual transformation, mentor, healer and writer. She has studyied with leading teachers in the energy-consciousness field and has clients worldwide.

With light hearted precision she points to the essence of love and wisdom at the core of our own being. In the insight of this truth suffering drops away, healing happens naturally and inspiration wakes up. Leaving a sense of wonder at our own presence and confidence to open to life.