This week I shared a conversation that elevated me.  It was beautiful.  I was talking with a friend and colleague, Janette Blakemore.  She’s an authorized teacher of the Enneagram; a map of human personality.   It’s a rich model that brings together human psychology and spiritual insight to help us find a way out of the boxes we innocently put ourselves in.

The beautiful thing about our conversation was that as Janette described how to use the Enneagram, the essence of the wisdom held in the model became apparent. Without knowing all the detail of it, I really felt the light of Truth contained within it.

How to know a good thing

There are many tools and maps for personal and spiritual evolution.  What’s makes the real ones stand out is that they reveal universal and eternal Truth. Our ability to sense and feel the light of what’s True is something that develops with practice.  For some this skill is opening up regardless of being on a conscious path of growth.

How do you know what’s real and authentic?  What practices or tools are you using that are waking up your subtle senses to illuminate your path from a higher perspective?

The way is always to go deeper

The paradox of waking up is that the more you’re willing to investigate who you really are, to honestly and lovingly face the parts of you that are troublesome or in the shadows; the more liberated, fulfilled, content and loving you become.  And, the light that wakes up within you is waiting to wake up.   Becoming genuinely fulfilled and inspired is a consequence of questioning and opening yourself up, not trying become somebody else.

Whether you feel called to check out the Enneagram or not, I thought I’d make my conversation with Janette available to everyone, not just for those who subscribed to the live interview.  I invite you to listen as Janette reminds us of who we really are and what we’re really here for.

You’ll find the recording here.

What tools or practices are you finding most helpful to discover your true self?

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