One of the most frequent questions I hear is; “What’s the best way to heal?”

I get asked this for emotional pains and physical illness alike.

Close on it’s heels comes a question about success. How to be happy, have great relationships, build a business, wake up, come alive and make a difference.

These questions often go hand in hand because illness or emotional stress appears to be an obstacle to a happy, meaningful and vibrant life. I say ‘appears to be’ because obstacles are never what they appear to be.

Last week, when the question about healing came up again, it dawned on me that my understanding of how healing (and success) happens has changed radically over the past twenty years. The answer I give now is 180 degree’s different to what I used to believe and practice.

I’m going to share why I don’t teach what I used to teach about how to heal dis-ease, and my current understanding of how healing really works, in a free masterclass (registration opens soon).

I’d love to hear if you have a question about a how to heal a physical or emotional issue. So that I can tailor the class for you.

What is your question that you’d love to have answered?

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