Have you ever wished that someone had given you a manual about ‘how life works’?

Most people would say that happiness and success comes when things are going their way. And health happens when they get the right treatment.

But what if health, wellbeing and living a full and productive life is determined from your state of  mind?

In an immersion retreat we take a deep dive into the ‘mystery’ of how life experiences are created from your state of consciousness. And how wellbeing, joy, clarity and creativity are innate gifts of being human.

With this understanding you’re able to create more of what you want and love. And if you’re in the middle of something really hard – considering divorce, depressed, stuck in chronic illness or facing a difficult business decision or spiritual crisis – then you’ll find the clarity and confidence to move forward into a better future.

How it works:

We’ll find a time to meet when you can step out of your every-day routine.

Over several hours we’ll have a series of light hearted yet profound conversations about how your state of mind and consciousness shapes your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

At some point, you’ll have a tipping point moment. Or you might have several. Where you’ll experience a shift in consciousness. On the other side of this shift the problem, or the (mis)-understanding you came with, drops away and you see yourself, your potential and life with fresh eyes.

Grounded in a deep understanding of how life really works you’ll ‘get’ that Life is ‘on your side’. When this understanding sinks in healing happens naturally and wisdom becomes your compass. With new clarity you begin to create what you want and love with simplicity and ease.

We meet at my home in Corvallis, Oregon, or over video conference. Corvallis is nestled in the heart of the Willamette valley, less than two hours drive of Portland International Airport. Conversations happen in a relaxed way. For instance, we might have a 45 minute conversation. Take a 15-minute break. Meet for another 45 minutes. Have another short break, and so on. In the breaks, I may suggest a simple activity to ground your insights, such as a short walk or a rest, or offer energy healing. We’ll decide what’s helpful as we go along.

I drove away from my retreat time with Fiona feeling like I wanted to stand on the rooftops and shout what a difference it makes to actually ‘get’ how life works. A feeling of enthusiasm for life is still with me six months later and I don’t see it going away. Even on days when I feel a bit down a deeper part of me knows that personal feelings always ebb and flow and that there’s nothing that needs fixing.

This is a complete contrast to how I used to live, always thinking that I needed to self improve myself, meditate more often or generally try harder to feel good about myself and my life. It’s not insignificant to mention that two weeks after my retreat, on a follow-up call with Fiona, I suddenly realized that my tinnitus had completely vanished. I was amazed. Not least because I didn’t even mention my tinnitus in our conversations. This absolutely brought home to me the fact of my innate wellbeing and healing intelligence that will set my system right when I get out the way.  C.Kinnie


My conversations with Fiona were hugely beneficial. In our third conversation I had a huge eye-opener around my relationship with my business. Insights came quickly about a long held longing to teach. I saw that I was attempting to re-tool my business into more of a teaching enterprise but I was trying to push a fit that wasn’t there.

Fiona has an incredible way of seeing what’s hidden.  I moved from confusion and resentment buried so deep, I barely knew it was there, to things falling rapidly into place toward a new career that fits so well.

It’s almost as though the moment I realized that I really wanted to teach then the path opened up. Shortly afterwards I was offered a teaching position locally and have applied for grad school to finish up a teaching certificate. I’m still on track to return to my business but this now feels like a low-pressure interesting adventure and I’m curious to see what happens next. I’m deeply grateful.  Christina Pax

Follow Up after the Retreat

When you return to your every-day life you may experience that everything is different, but nothing’s changed.

Your inner reality has shifted and your outer reality has not yet caught up with your shift in consciousness. Some outer changes take a little while to unfold, while other changes happen in seemingly miraculous way.

Either way, as your understanding deepens about how life really works new solutions and possibilities will continue to open up.

We’ll have a follow-up session after the retreat to ground your new understanding.

After the follow-up session, you might feel you’ve integrated your insights enough to continue on your own. Or you might choose to have additional follow up sessions to deepen your new understanding.


Three day immersion: $2700.00

One day immersion (virtual or in-person): $975

What to do next:

Let’s have a chat to get an idea of what you’re hoping for and answer any questions.

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