HEART NOTES – for an inspired life

Do you feel there’s more to life?  That you have un-tapped potential?

I’d like to offer you – Heart Notes

It’s a bit irreverent at times. In a respectful kind of way.

It points to the miracle that you are and Life is.

And illuminates a pathway to awaken and inspire your life.

Come and discover your true nature and uniqueness that evolves our world.

When you subscribe you’ll receive Heart of Being; a guided meditation to connect with the space within you where peace, healin, clarity and joy arises.

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Fiona, I always love what you write and it flows naturally. So wise, Truth-filled and inspiring. Like it’s coming straight from your heart/soul.

Thank you for continuing to inspire me with your words. They go straight to my heart everytime I read them. You make a difference in my life and I feel very grateful to know you.



Something really significant happened after listening to Fiona’s Heart of Being meditation. I woke during the night and felt an incredible loving presence within and without.

My mind was so quiet. I felt I had stepped through a sort of opening and I could see with amazing clarity how I’d been resisting my own life. I also saw how my headaches were linked to my resistance.

I’m now able to find inner peaceful place more easily and I have no impulse to figure out how my life fits together. I just know my issues are now unravelling by themselves, without my ego mind trying to direct the way.