How to turn failures into winning moments

Do you ever wonder if you could have done better? Maybe you said an unkind word to your mother. Ignored a colleague who was grieving. Or dropped out of learning a musical instrument. There are many ways to fail. Probably as many as the number of grains of sand on a...

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The end of post-it notes

August was unusual. For the first time four in years I didn’t travel overseas. Instead I indulged in some of my favorite summer past times - gentle hikes and long meandering bike rides. The thing I like the most about moving along on two legs or wheels is that after...

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How to change the world with one simple thought

If you had a magic wand that changes the world - would you use it? It’s surprisingly easy and costs nothing. The wand I’m talking about? The words “Thank you” I recently had a Facebook conversation that jolted me. My friend Yvonne Spence posted about the inspired work...

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The Shock Absorber

“I feel numb” said my colleague. She was worried that she was loosing her ability to feel. She’s a therapist so she wanted to experience at least some pain, to keep alive her capacity to empathize. But the mass shooting in Orlando and widespread violence around the...

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Quit trying to learn from the past

  In my last Heart notes, I talked about how everything that happens in life, even when it appears otherwise, contains wisdom and love. Some Heart Notes readers loved this idea. Others balked at it. I get it. For most of the first thirty years of my life I was...

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Why life is unfair (and why it doesn’t matter)

“It’s not fair” bawled the three year old. His sister had just been handed a cone with two scoops of chocolate ice cream. He clutched a cone with just one. I looked over at the parents as they tried to appease him. I imagined they’d figured that one scoop was enough...

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The only sign you’ll ever need.

I frequently hear; “What does this mean?” The question usually follows a statement such as…I’m sick, again. My car broke down. A white feather landed on my path. My washing machine overflowed. It's natural, when you regard Life to as an intricate flow of information,...

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Hello? Life calling. Part 2.

Do you know the signs? In my last Heart Notes I explored three signs that Life uses to draw you into the discovery of who you really are. Today, I’d like to talk about three more fabulous signs. Fabulous, because when you recognize the signs for what they are, your...

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